Linn’s last minute Christmas whishlist

Published 22/12/2019
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In my family we love Christmas! We celebrate for almost a week, from 20th-27th, with friends and all our relatives and their families. I think we almost could do a Christmas movie about it, its really that stereotypic kind of celebrations. However its so cosy and really the best time of the year.

And with Christmas comes Christmas gifts. In our family we never grow up, we LOVE giving (and receiving) gifts. Not necessary lots of them, but always with one or two extra thoughts and lots of love. I wouldn’t say its hard, but it comes some kind of pressure with it when buying or finding the right ones when its like this. But I have always been the one in my family everyone have to ask about 19474 times about what I wish for Christmas, and always the one telling last minute. And then its probably to late. Last year I received a vase from Hay x Hans in April, haha. I can never decide what I wish for, if I wish for anything at all.

But now, two days before the big day, I have finally put my head together and can share my wishlist with you guys. And Santa of course.

637 Utrecht chair by Cassina

As you maybe know by now I am moving in almost one month and the only thing I can think of rn is furniture, furniture and furniture. And No.1 of my (imaginary) wishlist is this iconic 637 Utrecht chair from Cassina. I dream about having it in purple with red stitches.

Get yours customized via Nordiska galleriet here.

La bomba straw hat by Jacquemus

I’m turning 25 the 4th of January and we’re going to warmer degrees for five days to celebrate that. I am SO close to finally buy this iconic Jacquemus “La Bomba hat” to myself as an early Christmas + birthday gift. Shouldn’t I??

Find it here.

Everything yellow

I have been longing for yellow sheets for a long time now, and when I saw this picture from Hanna Stefansson‘s instagram the other day I can’t wait anymore. Santa do you hear me out here??

Sheets from Tekla here.

A balaclava

For my upcoming ski trips. And fashion weeks.

Ever since I read this article Fanny wrote about that Balaclavas might be the answer this winter, I just felt “YES IT REALLY IS”. Even if I haven’t really compounded 100% with the idea of me in a Balaclava yet. But however, I would love to do the upcoming fashion weeks (and ski trips!) in this one from Fendi.

Last but not least.

Anything made from Architect Gustaf Westman

No secret I love Gustaf’s design, right? Haha. If I could, I’d love him to furnish my entire new apartment. But (luckily) I think its a little bit too fun to do it by myself. But we’re actually this very moment working on something really good together, but I’d love to have 1 or 10 more pieces of his work in next apartment.

Have you btw missed Gustaf’s wishlist he shared with us for Christmas? If yes, find it here.

Published 22/12/2019

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