Linn’s (Imaginary) Shopping Cart Is Full Of Metallics

Published 31/10/2022
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At the moment, I feel like a magpie bird. Everything silver and metallic catches my eye, and this week I am totally obsessed with everything that can add some shine to my home. Anything from a silver Maralunga exclusively made with Nordiska Galleriet, or a simple Espresso cup from Jean Patrique. Or why not everything? Well, if I could I would. But for now, I keep all these incredible pieces in my imaginary shopping cart. Lean back and will serve you a great menu of my favorites this week.

Photo by Erik Lefvander for AD
SUPER SUPER chair by Spacon & X

The Cloud by Stina Reiser

Find it here.

Jean Nouvel for Reform Cph

Photo by Reform CPH

Read more about the collaboration here.

Espresso cups by Jean Patrique

Find them here.

Photo by Rikke Refting.

Zodiac Mirror Platinum

Shop it at Artilleriet here.

DIO Shelf by Gustav Winsth

Read more about the shelf here.

Poise Candle holders by Signe Hytte

Find them here.

Don’t call me if your not a metallic curtain

For Ice Cold Margaritas

Find the elegant water carafe here.

Nordiska Galleriet Limited Edition

Find the limited edition Maralunga x Nordiska Galleriet designed by Vigo Magistretti for Cassina, only available in five copies here.

Published 31/10/2022

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