Linn’s Biarritz Wardrobe Diary

Published 18/08/2022
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I might be the most non-functional packer in the world. Always too heavy and always too many dresses. But I will be as cocky to claim that I (well, almost) always wear the coolest looks, and also the most non-functional ones. But I love that, rather be a conversation starter than a fish in the shoal.

However, me and Felix spent one week in France this summer and five of those seven days were in Biarritz. We were supposed to be light packed and only bring swimsuits appropriated for surfing. BUT DID I FOLLOW?


So please lean back and scroll down to see all my great looks I brought, and of course I forgot the only thing that was needed for this trip. A surf approved swimsuit. Well, you cant have it all. Right?

You bigger you better

Hat, Romu Alda
Skirt, Prada
Shirt, Second Hand
Necklace, Saint Laurent

Coffee with a side of Miu Miu

I have always loved to dress up for breakfast, as much as I do for dinner. Isn’t that more than fair?

Dress, Le Double J
Shoes, Miu Miu
Sunglasses, Chanel
Earrings, Saint Laurent

Air conditioning included

Dress, Christopher Esber
Heels, Loewe
Earrings, Edblad

The devil wears … Pra… Red.

Dress, Saint Laurent
Necklace, Saint Laurent
Shoes, Zara

Sporty Spice

My hardest working piece of clothing this summer? My bikini top from Chanel. I been wearing it almost every single day. Obviously when swimming, but also to a pair of shorts + a blazer or as a party attire with a great skirt and earrings as above. Love it.

Bikini top, Chanel
Shirt, Second hand
Skirt, Second Hand
Sunglasses, Chanel

The great comeback of the catsuit

I thank Saint Laurent everyday for bringing this catsuit into my life. Gosh how much I adore it, I hope it will stay as iconic as it is now and that I will keep wear it until I one day will pass it on to my grandchildren.

Catsuit, Saint Laurent
Necklace, Cinco


Dress, Nensi Dojaka
Shoes, Zara
Necklace, Cinco

Published 18/08/2022

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