Let’s Make Art! The Canvas? Your Face.

Published 21/02/2020
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Should we refocus putting art on walls and decorate our face with it instead? The answer is of course: why not both?

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Looks @ziin.beauty @makeupbybrookehill

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Fröken fräken är mitt nya namn

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I have never taken the time getting to know the art of doing makeup. I was the annoying one always begging my friends to do my make and then making us late to everything (so sorry you guys!!). But now, as I’m starting to realize the time has come for me to adult and not have my friends as makeup-artists… I need to learn how to do this by myself. The sooner the better.

Artist: Sarah Feingold

Maybe I should add learning how to do my own makeup to my 2020 resolutions list? My friends would be thrilled.

Artist: May/Thamina

I love the more abstract, artsy and a little bit messy makeup.
It makes for perfect final touches when it comes to matching your outfit with your accessories. It’s about time to up the game and match your look with your eyelids!! Which one are you trying out this weekend?

Published 21/02/2020

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