Last call: 17 sale items to catch

Before they are gone for good.

Published 12/01/2021
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It is the same procedure every year. I am staying sleepless a couple of nights in the end of every seasonal sale trying to figure out how to afford the piece I have been drooling over since it stepped out on the runaway. Well, it is not as dramatic as it sounds but I am for sure spending some extra hours trying to flip some pennys without ending up in bankruptcy, haha.

But as I told you in the previous story here I have made a New Years resolution that I will try to wear all my pieces all year around. Which also means when buying a new (or vintage) item, it has to pass that criteria. So that is what I am bringing with me when sourcing new babies during this sale!

I am hereby presenting to you, my top 17 (dream) sale items:

The picnic blanket of the season

Top here and skirt here, 50% Balenciaga via Net-a-Porter (extra 15% at check out today).

Your new spring fling

Image Courtesy of MatchesFashion
Image Courtesy of MatchesFashion

The dreamiest heels from Jil Sander, now at 50% over at Matches Fashion here. Both me and Fanny got a pair each. And yes, the shoes comes with two anklets. So its basically four different shoes in one. YES IT IS A CATCH.

Fly me
the moon

Or just to the Loewe sale.
Suit on 50% over at their website here.

Everything spelled Emelie Helmstedt

Enter the world of Emelie in the Wonderland. I remember when me and Fanny saw this show in Copenhagen in February and almost died. Her way of creating, and how she turns her universe into clothes is so fascinating and impressive. I love everything she does.

Favorite piece?
This PJ set that is perfect for both summer parties and cosy winter nights in the sofa.

Image Courtesy of Helmstedt

Enter her entire sale here.

If I were going to a wedding this spring with the dresscode black.

Image Courtesy of Net-a-Porter
Image Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Can you imagine going to a wedding in this one??? Omg. Just like Charlotte at Carries wedding in Sex and the City. Fanny said this would be a perfect dress for me to her wedding. Haha. Well, in a dream world yes. I have to create alerts on all vintage sites for this one asap.

Balenciaga show piece via Net a Porter here.

Arket base layers

Just sailed into Arkets sale and almost all of my favorite base layers are on sale. If you are looking for great base layers in all possible color ways, here are the best ones.

Coolest outerwear rn

is Ienki Ienki. Both in the slopes and in the city. Bets part? You can match your puffer jacket with a puffer head scarf. And did I mention they are also vegan?

Discover the brand here.

Image courtesy of Ienki Ienki

Get a pink one on sale here.

Image courtesy of Ienki Ienki

And a matching pink scarf here.

Speaking of great coats

Another outerwear piece I would die to lay my hands on is a Rave Review coat. This one is by example crafted from three deadstock vintage wool blankets.

It is everything I wished for, in one coat.


Yes, it is true! Dreams can come true. My absolutely favorite bag is on sale.

Get it before it’s gone here.

For warmer days

Last but not least: the dreamiest shoes from Jacquemus. I would totally wear them with sport socks.

Find them here via MyTheresa.

Published 12/01/2021

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