Kakan tells you how it is: Why SPF should be your bff

The other day I got on the hotline with Kakan Hermansson, the queen of (old) Céline shoes and SPF. We could have talked for hours about the former (we’ll come back to that in another chit-chat soon) but today Kakan will teach us about SPF and why it is so freaking important. I have friends who never wear SPF and, honestly, I want to throw something heavy at them every time I think about it. I can’t in my wildest imagination understand why someone whould choose not to SPF, when we all know what we know about the sun.

So Kakan, why SPF?

To protect your body’s largest organ, your skin, from the sun’s ultraviolet A (long-wave) and ultraviolet B (shortwave) rays. The sun is good for you, but please be gentle. Skin cancer increases 5% in Sweden each year. People tend not to listen to that, but when you tell them that the sun stands for 90% of the aging of your skin, I literally see spf face cream FLYING around.

My BF always says, I don’t need SPF since I never burn, what should I tell him?

Don’t be stupid. To burn is one thing, but exposing your skin long term to a lot of sun also increases your risk of ending up with cancer. I usually go hard and tell people that big scars in your face is both painful and not so pretty.

The sun is good for you, but please be gentle.

How does a day in your life look with SPF?

I usually put my SPF on either the last thing I do, or just before my foundation. In the spring I use a tinted SPF and move on to a darker one when summer hits. Then I just add some blush, highlighter and eyeliner. In the summer I don’t ware makeup. I always put on a vitamin C serum before my SPF for extra protection, as the vitamin C works as a strong antioxidant, that protects your skin from sun damage.

Does one need one SPF in the city and one on the beach, or how does that work?

That’s up to you. Maybe you don’t need a tinted cream on the beach? And in the city, you might wanna do a touch up during the day, over your make up, with an SPF face mist. Worlds best invention!

If I burn, what should I do? 

Stay in the shadow, wear protective clothes and use a strong SPF. You can ease the burn with after-sun products, but most importantly; stay out of the sun!

Which are your favorite SPFs rn?

Omg, I have heavy feels for this tinted little friend here on the left.

And also, to put on during the day, Evy mousse is the easiest way to apply sun screen on your body. Best thing; kids love the whole mousse thing!

My longest love story with an SPF is by far with Eucerin. Love you, mean it. This cc cream w spf 50 makes my skin happy, protected and glowy.

For more skincare and SPF talk, follow Kakan on instagram and read her blog!

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Published 14/06/2019

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