It’s been a busy week for fashion collaborations

Published 08/11/2019
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Early November has been known for the past 10 years as the time of the release of H&Ms big design collaborations. And as the years have passed the once so unique marriage of high street and labels has inspired many others to merge and work together. And this week has been a rather busy one in the fashion collaboration pond.

Giambattista Valli x H&M

Looking for a ballgown? It might be too late. But look out for it on Vestiaire Collective bc gowns definitely will appear.

Also, the insider tips to get the special edition pieces from H&M collab’s are to look at the return area in your local H&M Store. People always change their minds. God bless them.

Me & Linn in our Giambattista Valli dresses a couple of days ago. What do you mean over dressed??

Acne Studios x Mulberry

In stores as we speak! If I would guess a collaboration most likely not to happen it would be this. Acne Studios and Mulberry may seem to live in two different universes, but apparently they don’t.

Love the pieces though. Surprisingly feels like both Acne Studios and Mulberry at the same time, no compromises. Which to me are the best collaborations. The best of both worlds, just like Hannah Montana said it.

Prada x Adidas

Instagram died and went to collaboration heaven yesterday.

“The collaboration, based on an authentic fusion of fashion and sport, has generated an exclusive limited-edition collection of footwear for men and women will be produced in Italy by Prada… To be unveiled in 2020”

Let us just say OMG.

Read more here.

Published 08/11/2019

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