Is it the early 2000s again? Bc nail art is huge

Published 25/11/2019
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Remember when nails could have piercings?

I mean they probably still can. But I remember going to the mall after school to purchase tiny tiny rings which I put on the top of my nails after painting them in glitter. Would one call that home spa 2019? The feeling wasn’t spa but the result was defiantly something else.

Image via Anna Sarlvit

This was before I realized this is a service one can purchase and get actual nail art. Art that doesn’t contain a tiny yellowed ring that gets stuck in all your knit sweaters.

The cool kids I my school had super long nails. I always thought to myself how to they go to the bathroom? Like that was the biggest problem ever. Have you ever tried writing a longer text on a keyboard with super long nails? You misspell a lot.

Image via Anna Sarlvit

Todays nail trends are all about flowers and fruits.

This is not a history lecture in nails then and now but this trend was replaced by short and very red nails. This era is also known as the Parisienne era. When every outfit one wore aspired to be French.

The Parisiennes never wore nail piercings, I know that for sure. It’s not very effortless.

The actual piercing hasn’t made its comeback yet though, today’s Instagram nails are more artsy and/or cute. How about flowers, fruits and psychedelic patterns? All in very esthetically pleasing color combinations of course.

Instagram loves it.

Published 25/11/2019

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