Is Finding Your Signature Style Like Finding a Lost Set of Keys?

Published 02/10/2020
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The term “signature style” is fashion jargon that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Lets be honest, personal style isn’t something you will find – like a lost set of keys or obscure variety of Skittles. Style is an authentic expression of who you are inside and a monologue you have with yourself portrayed by the garment you wear. 

Every time we unlock our phones, we’re bombarded with the latest trends and new buzzy brands on social media. And honestly, it can all be a bit overwhelming.

The fashion pendulum swings fast, and now more than ever our metabolism for newness is getting faster. It’s like an endless game of trying to keep up, so, isn’t it more important than ever to cultivate our own unique signature style? 

Remember getting dressed up at a young age? Me too. It was the best of times, sartorially speaking.

If I rewind back time to the age of whatever age it is one can get dressed yourself, but still requires approval from a parent to leave the front door, I remember standing at the top of the staircase in a tutu and fringe leotard thinking it was the perfect outfit to wear to a playdate, contrary to my parents belief. For as long as I can remember, I’ve cared deeply about what I wear (a bit obsessed lightly said) and I’ve always been determined to decide what and how I want to wear certain pieces without putting much thought into how people will perceive me. Fast forward, I believe my personal style has evolved vastly, but somehow my core aesthetics stays.

It’s like the seven year old knew what I wanted to dress like at age 28 – Playful, bold, with a feminine punctuation and accidentally en pointe.

Think: candy coloured pieces, mishmashed prints, beaded jewellery, and feather everything.

Sometimes there’s a rising conflict between the heart saying yes, with one’s self-consciousness saying no, you can’t actually leave the house like this. 

Staying true to yourself and continuously blocking out noise from what is happening outside of you, is the only way to actually find out whats inside and if you follow that feeling, you’ve found the golden ticket to originality and actually determining your signature style.

Lets break it down…

Work Out Your Silhouettes

Understand your body and which silhouettes are flattering and make you feel the best. It can be oversized dresses, tailored suits or why not jeans paired with your boyfriends blazer. Whatever you dig, stick to it.

Find the Colors You Love

Do an audit of your wardrobe and color analyse yourself, what shades make your heart sing?

Find Your Signature Pieces

Ask yourself what accessory, color or print you always revert back to? I’m certain you can identify a handful of possessions that says a lot about you and are the trademarks of your own personal style.

Think Jane Birkin and her and her signature basket bag or the Olsen twins with their supersized silhouettes in a pared-back palette (and of course, Starbucks cups).

Invest in Items You’ll Wear Forever

Avoid trends you think will have a short shelf life and invest in the pieces that will live in your wardrobe beyond one season. I am an advocate for high-low dressing, but invest in those staples that you will love for years and years.

Set aside your phone for a minute (or two) and dig into that skittles bag, despite the unknown. Be a dare devil, challenge yourself, refine what you have and add new touches until it ultimately becomes uniquely your signature style.

Ta ta.

(For now.)

Published 02/10/2020

Hobnob contributor, Caroline Ekberg, was previous Style Editor for Harper’s BAZAAR. She preaches marrying polka dot with plaid and florals with leopard and if you take a peak inside her closet you’ll realize she stores more feather embellished garments than any peacock can carry.

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