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Published 03/04/2020
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Spending too much time at home is to me a dangerous thing. All of a sudden I realize that one piece of furniture I’ve kind of liked before, looks like something someone picked up from a dumpster (and not in a cool way).

I get an itch to remake my entire apartment and it has to happen fast. Like when you were younger and just had to have something exciting happening so you cut off all the arms of every sweater you own.

I know what you are thinking and I know that I am adult now and that kind of behavior isn’t something one can just laugh away. So I try to behave. And something I’ve found to help is following a lot of people who are a bit crazier that me when it comes to home decoration.

Céline Hallas

If I was a single woman this is probably how I would decorate my home.

Céline Hallas is not exactly afraid of bold colors and strange shapes and I am not either really. But I have to adjust my taste to my boyfriend who isn’t really that into abstract furniture as I am.

I don’t blame him though, Rome was not built in one day and we’ve only been together for four years. Get back to me in 10 years and we’ll see if our floors are bright turquoise yet.

Follow Céline Hallas here.

Kelly Wearstler

I first started following Kelly when I realized she was the mind behind my dream destination in LA, the Santa Monica Proper Hotel located in Santa Monica (duh).

She too has a thing for abstract pieces and dreamy color palettes.

But what I like about her most is that she can be totally LA in her style but also very pastell danish-ish.

Follow Kelly Wearstler here.

Gustaf Westman

What would this list be without our own Swedish rising star designer? And Hobnob friend of course.

Gustaf is currently designing curvy mirrors and poppy tables to everyone with interesting taste on social media and we cannot wait to see what he is up to next.

I am also, by accident, writing this story sitting by one of his tables.

Follow Gustaf Westman here.

Piotr & Iga, PIGA Haus

You may recognize this image from all over Instagram a couple of weeks ago?

Piotr and Iga lives in what seems to be the most amazing apartment in Poland and share a very bohemian but still modern style on the gram.

I need their balcony and bed frame now please.

Follow Piga Haus here.

Tina Seidenfaden Busck, The Apartment

Not really an account I started following yesterday, but I am always inspired by the way Tina arrange things in The Apartment. Both in the actual apartment but also in her store located in Copenhagen.

Also, can we take a moment for this bathroom? Like how?

Follow The Apartment here.

Duncan Campell

Duncan Campbell is the partner of artist Luke Edward Hall (read our interview with him here) and everything they touch turn into home interior gold.

Just look at this kitchen in their house outside the city?

Duncan is one half of the interior design duo Campbell-Rey and his sense of details is really impeccable.

Follow Duncan Campbell here.

Published 03/04/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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