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Published 08/09/2019
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When seasons change, people tend to look for the perfect jacket and shoes to go with it, but I get obsessed with finding my sunglasses. I saw these Gucci frames in a store in Antibes this summer, and haven’t been able to get them out of my head ever since. If that’s not a sign I should get them I don’t know what is! But I can’t decide if I should go for classic black ones or neon orange, hard huh!!!

Get them here

Furniture fiesta

Me and Fanny are redecorating our office space this weekend. AND WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. So I got furniture on my mind atm. We are thinking purple walls, dark blue shelves and a light pink sofa. We’re dumping the idea of a desk, and are thinking more office lounge. How brilliant isn’t that??? And of course a mini Smeg fridge with happy hours all day long. Both green juices and not so green juices.

Everything phyton

A trend I will go for hard this fall is python (not real obv). And this coat from Rochas is to die for. I found a pair of vintage pair of pants last week I probably will live in, I’ll show you as soon as its getting a bit colder.

Coat on sale here.

Leather shorts

Ever since I saw this picture of Pernille I’ve been craving leather Bermudas. I’ve never been a leather jacket girl, so maybe a pair of pants could work?? The creme de la creme ones are Bottega Veneta and literally the dream, but I found reaaaally good ones at Arket. I am adding them to my shopping cart as we speak. Although they will have to wait there until next payday (he he).

Find Bottega Veneta here and the Arket ones here.

Travel in color

I don’t know if it comes with age, or if it’s just a new interest – I find suitcases VERY interesting nowadays?? Rimowa released a couple of new pastel colors a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t get this yellow friend off my mind. Bad for me (very good for my economy) my old Rimowa is still in good shape.

Shop it here

Published 08/09/2019

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