I Want to Give my Post Pregnancy Body an Homage

Published 12/09/2021
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Words and photos, Michelle Abisatou Jeng

This summer I ended one of the most exciting journeys in my life, and at the same time started the most important one: I went from being pregnant to becoming a mom. 

In between these journeys there is a postpartum period that (in my opinion) too few people talk about. I don’t know why, but female bodies are the strongest and most beautiful things we have in this world I think we talk much too little about the time after giving birth. I would like to start by saying that of course each and every pregnancy is very individual but at least I feel like both myself and my postpartum belly, aren’t given enough love.

I am not gonna elaborate because I don’t really know how to, but I just wanted to throw this out in the open, because maybe someone feel what I feel. But I do know that I want to give my body an homage for everything it has given me in life! So, I present to you, some belly love and my favorite pieces that I wore two weeks after giving birth.

I am a person who like sets now

I went through my wardrobe only to realize that postpartum and my pre-pregnancy closet wasn’t a good combination. I used to love to wear all-tight outfits, but it does not feel as comfortable anymore. Might not be surprising, but everything is a first for me right now. Instead, I turned back to my maternity training tights. But I quickly realize that I am very done with them. They just weren’t fun to wear anymore. Has anybody experienced the same? I started exploring pieces that could be both comfy and cool (and not to forget practical). My first choice? Loose trousers with a matching shirt. It was definitely the answer to all my questions at the time.

Set from A Day’s March

However, I also noticed how amazingly comfortable and practical a trouser-free outfit could be.

Ok, I didn’t just buy this dress because it suited my postpartum body amazingly. It’s also a complete DREAM.

Dress from Stine Goya.

Who said you can’t wear a semi-tight dress
right after giving birth?

This dress has the perfect pink color, the cutest pattern and give the postpartum belly the perfect amount of love. I have so many details going on with this look. I can’t see how you don’t want to embrace your body in this state. I love it.

Dress from Ganni.

The back. The arms. The belly.

After nine months, I can finally see my feet again.

And shoes.

Just because I could, I decided to wear these perfect heels. I can’t even explain how much I’ve been longing for this view! I missed my feet so much. Had to snap a photo.

Full look from Samsoe Samsoe.

This dress brings out the best of me.

And my beautiful belly.

So what am I trying to say here? The (read: my) postpartum belly is not flat. It is round and soft with excessed skin but it smells a lot like love. Carry it with pride and dress it with love and joy.

Published 12/09/2021

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