I Went To A Festival This Weekend And I Realized Something Very Important

Courtesy of Vogue

I went to a festival this weekend and I realized that I am seriously missing something very important in my wardrobe. Hint: Courtney Trops favorite type of shoes. (based on her feed, not actually a fact)

photo, Alwaysjudging

Not because I saw a couple of cool girls wearing some cool shoes that I made me feel “oh I wanna look as cool as them”. No. I realized this when I was trying out outfits at home. That every single outfit that I tried on would look so much better if only I had these shoes. I seriously wanted to wear them with everything.

I know that it’s only summer and we should all live in the now. However, is it really that bad to look forward sometimes, and invest for future seasons? I think not.

So it started with me trying on loads of dresses. I paired them with sneakers, with flip flops and with cowboy boots. It just didn’t feel right. At the moment, I thought that it was rubber boots a la Prada that I wanted to pair all of my dresses with.

courtesy of Alwaysjudging

I soon realized that it wasn’t actually the rubber boots per se that I was missing. These platform Gucci loafers would for sure do the same job for me.

I was never a platform-person. Thank god for being open for change, right? These platform loafers would not only do the job right, it would have also helped me actually catch a glimpse of that cute little singer in Greta Van Fleet this weekend.

So what I was missing was a pair of grungy shoes. Yes, that category of shoes is as wide as my shoe wardrobe is full. But I figure, one in one out?
Again – Someone to look at for inspiration in this area? Courtney Trop aka Alwaysjudging on instagram. Your’e welcome!

Published 11/07/2019

Lowe Olsen is a designer and a dog loving vintage freak who makes her own clothes and loves watching cartoons every chance she gets.