I Went Though My Phone And Realized Something New About My Style

So I went through my camera roll on my phone, as someone does when having absolutely nothing else to do. I realized something weird. So My phone contains 31 144 pictures as we speak. And I’ve only had this phone for ONE YEAR. How is that even possible??? How many of these pictures is of me, you might ask. I don’t even want to know the answer to that question honestly. However, It is kind of fun to look back and look at everything I (at least in the moment) feel is worth taking a photo of. And you guessed it, a lot of it is outfits. I gathered some of the outfit pictures I’ve taken with my phone recently and I realized something weird.

I wore this outfit for two weeks straight when I was at home.

(my pajamas was matching my bathroom ceiling. Obv worth snapping a quick pic)

I am not able to #stayhome any longer, since our office is open and I actually have to go to work. I was however spending two weeks in quarantine at home in my striped pajamas and I am only just now realizing how much this effected my style.

So one of the first outfits I wore when going back to work after quarantine was this outfit. I was really excited to wear an actual outfit again. However – I am only just now realizing that it is the one outfit in my closet that looks the most like the one outfit I’ve been wearing for the past two weeks.

Striped set from Scotch & Soda

Fringe shirt from River Island.

Going further back in my camera roll, to a day when I was still in quarantine. this outfit actually also feels like something similar to a pajamas? No? I say yes. At least a more dressed up and stylish one if you ask me.

*Scrolling down to a more recent day*

… To this outfit. it’s not not similar to a pajamas, right?

This red outfit is samples that did’t make it to production. I’ve had it for year’s but wearing them first now. apparently all it took to appreciate it was two weeks wearing pajamas in quarantine.

This outfit may include a tight body suit and a trench coat. somehow I still feel like it looks like something someone once slept in. These two garments even goes in the same color. is that what’s make it feel somehow like a pajamas?

Trenchcoat is vintage, body suit from Bershka.

Speaking of monochrome outfits…

Shirts is vintage, pants are from & other stories.

My most recent pajama-looking outfit is this one. Worn (and photographed) this Friday. I remember I felt like dressing up, but somehow I still manage to look like I’m wearing a pajamas.

I have a lot of big and important questions about this big revelation. What is next weeks pictures on my phone gonna look like? Will I still be wearing pajamas? And perhaps the biggest question of them all:

Is this what quarantine turned me into? A comfortable couch potato running wild in the streets?

Published 19/04/2020

Lowe Olsen is a designer and a dog loving vintage freak who makes her own clothes and loves watching cartoons every chance she gets.

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