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I Went All In Sex and The City II with My Looks in Abu Dhabi

Published 10/01/2020
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If I say Abu Dhabi, what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? Is it only me, or does all of you also think of Charlotte when she falls off the Camel in the middle of the desert?? I’ve been laughing so much during the whole trip because it’s really not a cliché, it’s so hard to ride a camel!!

However, I went all in with the inspiration from the movie when planning my outfits before I went. What I didn’t plan was for my suitcase to show up a few days later then me. It got lost in Brussels during my layover and I received it after three days. But I still managed to wear some of the planned fits so here we go.

The desert I was a total Miranda. Minus the cowboy hat.

It’s not a secret that Pucci has a revival rn. And I love it! But Pucci to me feels more Carrie Bradshaw? The length of the skirt though, is not very Carrie.

However, as I wrote in this article I want to put this Loewe belt to every single outfit I am wearing. And how nice doesn’t it look with this. I think Miranda would have definitely appreciated this final touch to the look.

Dress, Emilio Pucci
Belt, Loewe
Scarf, Dior
Sandals, Hérmes

Hot pants

If my first outfit was 10/10 (well at least if you ask me) I think this one were indeed a little bit too ambitious. Long (PLASTIC WHAT WAS I THINKING) pants in the desert was HOT. The pattern however felt was very right to the surrounding. Linn 1 – Pants 1.

And yes, I had to drink a few bottles of water after this. And a margarita as well.

Blouse, Dolce & Gabbana
Pants, Fannys wardrobe
Belt, Loewe
Sunglasses, vintage Dior

Fitted for the bar. Or desert ride.

Here I lost a bit of my SATC game, disappointing huh!! But I actually think this outfit is one of my favorite ones from the entire trip. And that’s a good rate, I managed to get a few ones on.

I guess it’s because this skirt looks like a fish skin, and together with my all time favorite blouse from Jacquemus an outfit can never go wrong. Will archive this outfit picture and bring it back when summer arrives!!

Blouse, Jacquemus
Skirt, Dries Van Noten
Sunglasses, Celine
Tiny bag, Jacqumus

Into the desert

I can’t deny when I decided this outfit for our sunset camel ride, I had the SATC-Charlotte-senario in mind. IT IS POSSIBLE. With that said, I chose a very camel toe-free outfit for this occasion. Actually no joke. However, this green set is absolutely stunning! I think I will be wearing it all summer. And yes, fore those who are wondering – it was completely perfect for camel rides aswell. And it looks like my friend in the background agrees.

Skirt and top, Rodebjer
Scarf, Dior

Up with the sunrise

You can’t really tell by this picture, but its 6.30am (!!) and we had just seen a falcon show. It was amazing, but I never signed up going up voluntary at 6am in the morning during my vacation. Apperantly my family did, haha.

However this Frankie Shop safari jumpsuit have saved my ass a couple of times! What I didn’t know when this photo was taken was that we were about to go riding on the royal arabic horses. And that requires long pants. Who even brings that a summer vacation? So thank you The Frankie Shop for saving my ass. You are just as good on a weekend to London as on a desert horseback riding session.

Back to the city

What I didn’t tell you was that my bag DID NOT MAKE IT to Abu Dhabi.

Disaster right!

I lost count on how many times that happened to me. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me, but as it was my 25th birthday two days later (hehe) I really had spent some thoughts on this packing. Anyway, two days later I had to pick it up at the airport (always as afraid as anytime to realize it someone else’s bag and they lost mine). I almost cried every time when they ask “Eklund, is this yours?” and so it was, lucky as I am. This time too, haha. Felt like Christmas all over again.

Back in the city after 24h in the desert I finally put this amazing neon green tiger dress from Ganni on and felt back on track.

Dress, Ganni
Belt, Loewe
Bag, blazer + Sunglasses, Céline
Kicks, Nike p-6000

This was my look when we visited The Louvre of Abu Dhabi. Perfect right?? Casual and sporty. I missed wearing heels after two days in the sand. Guys, don’t try to wear heels in the desert. Probably the only one there, but hey!! Everything for the look, right!

Sporty without doing the sports

Blazer, Celine
T-shirt, Arket
Skirt & bag, Chanel via Vestiaire

Published 10/01/2020

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