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Published 24/08/2019
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As Fanny pointed out in this article, I think going offline has never been trendier. Just speaking for myself, it’s been a crazy year so far with both work and private life. Last summer made a promise to myself not to exactly everything next summer and I think I did pretty well. My life consists a lot of traveling for work, so when I am off, I just want to be off. Not having to be everywhere at once is the real vacation.

And that’s just the thing. Why try to be everywhere, when you can be just where you are? Not to sound corny, but that’s what social media feels like sometimes. So, I just unplugged.

And this is what I did instead of scrolling.

To quote Fanny

“Never have I ever heard about so many people talking about going offline. It’s such a trend it’s an anti-trend. People don’t want to follow trends so they go offline. That’s the trend.”

But I can’t deny it is hard to resist the temptation of checking my phone every single day. I am constantly nervous about missing something important or work related stuff. However, this summer I really tried to stay off the entire WWW. And it actually turned out to be the best summer in a very very long time.

And I am not going to lie, it probably has something to do with me falling in love in May. If I seriously were to describe my first summer in love it would contain a lot of walking on clouds. Ask anybody I’ve met in the last three years (yes that always end up being the topic of every dinner party I’ve been to) I’ve been single for ages. But I finally found him, on a mountain top in Verbier. However, that’s another story. A part from that whole love thing, I spent a lot of time with Fanny and my family in our summer house with endless wine nights and early morning swims.

But summer really peaked during two magical weeks in Piemonte and Rapallo with tons of Aperóls and truffle pasta. And for all of you asking, no, I barely fit into any of my jeans right now. You can’t have the cake and eat it too. But who really cares?

Summer lovin

Swedish summer, to all of you who hasn’t experienced it for yourselves, is truly a phenomenon. I might be taking sides now, but there’s nothing better than spending time in Sweden when the weather approves( and that is like Avery 10th year). But we scored two years in a row now but I am guessing it is not out of luck – more climate change.

As I might have told you before, we have a summer house in a very tiny old fisherman’s town down in south of Sweden. The best little town on earth, and it is only a 1,5h drive from Copenhagen. I think I have spent my last eight summers there. The best memories from there are made from waking up early, packing breakfast and a swimsuit and taking the boat out to the archipelago. The toughest sport is to find the best rock to have coffee on. And of course to look after Fanny so she doesn’t fall into the water, she is not really a boat person.

Sunglasses, Loewe
Bikini, Lisa Marie Fernandez
Necklaces, Pearly and more

Swimsuit, Prada

The Apollo spritz changed my life

Apollo Bar, Nyhavn 2. 1051 København

Theres no summer without paying a visit to the second best city in the world (yes, we actually go there even when it’s not fashion week) – especially as we’re living so close summer time. Me and Fanny made a pinky promise that we, in the future, will move to Malmö and then have a HOBNOB HQ in Copenhagen. Sounds pretty good, right??

Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen
Hat, Etro
Bag, Chanel via Vestiaire Collective
Sneakers, Balenciaga

As my boyfriend is from Malmö (coincidence?? think not) we jumped on the train a couple of times and travelled the 20 minutes overseas, straight into Apollo bar and ordered two Apollo Spritz without even breathing. It is truly the best spritz in the world!!! If you passing by you HAVE to try it, speaking from a true spritz pro.

Always on my check-list: lunch and Spritz (of course) at Beau Marché. Also, the interior shop that comes with it is amazing as well.

Ny Østergade 32, 1101 København

The Italian dream; Piemonte

Villa La Madonna

Five years ago my mom and my aunt bought the most beautiful place deep in the heart of Piemonte in Italy: Villa La Madonna. It is a vineyard and boutique hotel, with 18 unique rooms, surrounded by endless of vines and valleys.

First weekend in August my mom gathered all our closest friends to celebrate her belated 50th, and it became a hell of a party weekend. Never ending rosé bottles and truffle lunches in the vineyard (with opera singer Mario, who you can spot on a chair here above). On the menu was also late night swims in the pool and midnight Piazza dancing under the stars with so many tequila shots I stopped counting. I even forgot to take a single more photo than these four, so I guess that is the sign of a magical weekend.

Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen


From one party to another. I jumped on the train down to the coast for Fanny’s 25th birthday. In honor of the day we rented a boat and chugged over to Portofino over the day. How crazy beautiful is that place!!! W-O-W. Crazy as we are, we already decided to celebrate Swedish midsummer there next year.

And Fanny found the most beautiful AirBnB I ever seen, it felt like it was taken straight from Architectural Digests instagram. Even if I slept on the couch for four days. The glam life of a constant fifth wheel.

Fanny’s Italian 25th birthday bash

Sunglasses, Loewe x Paulas Ibiza.

Here is the Air BnB link, go loco with the booking.

From here we drank endless of Spumante, ate Fannys homemade Cacio e Pepe, played cards all night longs and stayed away from all public places. Until next summer Rapallo!


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Published 24/08/2019

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