Kiss my face and call me Bunny MacDougal

Both me and Linn have a deep addiction right now and it’s called 80s old lady blazers. Or i don’t know if they are called that or if they even can be called blazers, they are more like jackets? Bunny MacDougal jackets to be exact. Maybe we should just call them that? Alrighty then, it’s decided.

I don’t know when it started but I do know when it escalated. It was at Beyond Retro this winter. It was a vintage shopping round like any other we do. Once we get into the store, we divide up, get everything of interest and meet at the changing rooms. When we got there this time, we had been picking up the same things: Bunny MacDougaljackets and 80s bermudas shorts. A glorious combination (also, like the best part of Bunny MacDougal and Trey MacDougal’s style together?) if I say so myself.

And like one do in a vintage store, you take everything you like in hope that something will look good. This time, everything looked good. It was like a high!!!! We had found our new thing.

After that things got out of hand and we were officially obsessed. So, we thought we’d give you a small but oh-so good styling school to get your old lady blazer out of the Bunny MacDougal zone and into summer 2019.

Straight from Miami, we give you

The Bunny MacDougal jackets in 4 ways!

Wear it with bicycle pants

You are not really surprised, are you? The short ass hugging tights are a perfect way of getting the lady jacket out of the dusty tea saloon.

Adding a pair of very naked strap heels will also help making the blazer a bit more cool.

Pearls will get you back into the Bunny zone again, but in a good way.

Blazer, vintage. Bicycle shorts, vintage. Heels, The Row. Glasses, Gucci.

Trey MacDougal would approve this

I think he’d also like the colors of these bermudas wouldn’t he?? Very suitable for an afternoon in the garden of their Connecticut house.

The Manolos are a bit more Carrie though.

Is it very obvious I am rewatching all the seasons of Sex and the City at the moment (for the 6000nd time I)??

Here’s another hack for you that isn’t Sex and the city related: the lady jackets love very fast, tiny glasses.

Blazer, vintage. Bermudas, Tiger of Sweden. Mules, Manolo Blahnik. Glasses, Chimi. Bag, Fendi.

Bunny but make it less clothes

This obviously would be too slutty for Bunny. It doesn’t matter that it’s knitted.

The old lady blazers appreciate some skin though. It makes them feel young. It makes them feel a bit more Miu Miu which is a great feeling.

Adding a pair of platform sandals is given. It doesn’t only make your legs look longer it also gives you (or at least me) some confidence. Why is that? Being a millennial my posture is quite poor to say the least, but as soon as I get a shoe with some hight, it changes the game. It’s not even the same game anymore.

So, sneakers are great and all, but not really.

Jacket, vintage. Necklace, Blue Billie. Knit set, Baum und Pferdgarten. Sandals, ATP Atelier. Sunglasses, Tom Ford.

Trackpants everything

It’s not a secret that we like track pants.

But the add a certain cool to everything. So, when in doubt, wear track pants.

A complete side note: I was going to Paris this winter and were wearing these track pants to the airport. My driver looked at me when he dropped me off and asked, “I am sorry, I must ask. Are you an athlete?” I said no, not in the last 7 years, and he looked confused. “So you are just wearing those pants?”


Track pants, Isabel Marant. Shoes, Converse. Sunglasses, Chimi.







Dolce & Gabbana






Published 15/06/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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