I got a new apartment and this is how I want to make it look

I thought I’d never say this, but I got a new apartment. How crazy isn’t that!! I love my apartment so much, I thought I never move from here. But during q1 in 2020, me and my bf will move together (or at least the few days a year he’s home) to another part of Stockholm – and I’m sooooooooo freaking excited.

Everything I save on my Instagram and Pinterest nowadays are only & only interior pictures. I never thought I’d become one of those crazy furniture ladies, but well, here I am.

However, I will sell all and everything that catches my eye in my current apartment. I’m so tired of everything. Dining table, sofa, chairs and even the colors on the walls.

But I have decided to go full Art Deco. With a touch of Luke Edward Hall.

First out: vintage chandelier

I love this lamp (or as they say in the interior world, chandelier) so much I even dream about it in my sleep. But yes, it is as expensive as it looks haha. I have even opened a special bank account to save up to this lamp. And it will take a year, or five. Yes, I love it that much.

Now to the tricky part.

Color on the walls.

As you maybe know, I now have a baby pink kitchen. And I really like it. But I promised my bf that I would spare him that in the next apartment. But what do you think about yellow? I love this color code Luke Edward hall did in one of his projects. Maybe should do this in our coming entrance aswell? Or maybe in the ceiling in the bedroom?

I feel I now have to make this as a priority discussion point on our next how-to-plan-our-apartment-meeting.

Sofa dream

But to an even bigger decision – what sofa to have??? I really love this iconic one “Maralunga” from Cassina, but I can’t decide if I wanna go more classic or go a bit crazy. Find it right now on auction at Bukowskis. It has about 24h left and rn the current bid is around 600€. Go get it!!! Before I do.

If I don’t go crazy, number one on my list is this one from The Sofa Company I recently saw on Marie Jedig‘s Instagram. I love the style and the light mint green color, feels a bit more mature and long lasting. Or is it just me getting boring???

The world of art

As you maybe don’t know, my mom is a fantastic photographer. And therefore I have so many (and only) beautiful photos on my walls, but I want to get more painted art in the new apartment. And in difference to my thoughts of a mature sofa, the art has to be more crazy. I got so jealous when I saw this painting Maria Bernard found at a flea market this weekend. This is exactly what I’m looking for.

My first purchase

I just won these four bad boys at Bukowskis!!! I am so so happy, imagine these ones with this Jonathan Adler marble table. Amazing huh???

Now I just have to figure out where to store all my, soon to be, excellent purchases. To be continued.

Published 04/11/2019

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