A 5 € dress might be my best purchase ever

Yes that might be an exaggeration, but it highlights something much bigger.

“Fashion” is a very big word; it contains A LOT. It’s like “art”. How can all things art be broken down into only three letters, A R T? The same goes for fashion. But I won’t get too deep into that, bc that could go on forever, and honestly, I don’t think any one of us would walk away any wiser.

Anywho, there are two big myths about fashion. I mean there are more than two but, you know. The first on says that fashion is not for everyone, and the second one says that it has to be really (really) expensive. I know, this is not news to anyone, but hear me out! I recently got a comment from someone who was tired of influencers making fashion elitist. I agree on that being an issue, but I couldn’t relate to that as being my own purpose, being in this industry. To me, designer names are great and all that, but it’s not more important than the actual garment itself. A good pair of track pants are still a good pair of track pants, even if they are 10 € or 1 000 €.

With that being said, I like investing in my own wardrobe from a high-quality perspective, and that is something I will never apologize for. Some do stocks, cars or real estate. I do clothes. I know I am not the only one. But to circle back, fashion should be a term available to people of both these different stand points. Those who make huge investments and those who don’t give a flying fuck. It’s all FASHION. A pair of Balenciaga pants are not more fashion than a 5 € thrift dress. Neither should those pants be considered more stylish than mentioned dress. At least, that’s not what I think.

So, to compensate for all those unreasonably expensive clothes I love writing about I am gonna tell you about my most recent purchase, which happens to be just that, a 5 € dress I bought in a charity shop next to my apartment.

I am sorry, I don’t want to get too far off topic, but I just can’t get over how great everything looks together with clogs?? Is that crazy? Am I unknowingly influenced by my boyfriend’s parents who grew up on the countryside? Even though I’ve never seen them wearing a clog, like ever?

Anyways, clogs. They are here to stay. And you know what? They don’t have to be Dior even look RAD.

Can you tell this dress cost less than a lunch in Stockholm? I know lunches are crazy expensive in this town. But a dress clearly doesn’t have to be.

Dress, thrifted. Windbreaker, Balenciaga. Socks, Adidas. Clogs, Swedish Hasbeens.

Is this the oldest trick in the book? Making a dress into a skirt by just adding a hoodie? I think that depends on what you consider old, but yes it might be. It’s not too old though if you know what I mean.

And if that’s an old trick, I consider this to be one of my more recent discoveries, when it comes to making the most out of a dress. Turning it into both a top and a petticoat. Great if you are freezing or just like the volume. And FYI, I tick both of those boxes.

Skirt, J.W Anderson. Mules, vintage Gucci. Sunglasses, I think you know by now since they seem to be glued to my friggin face.

Knit t-shirt, Baum und Pferdgarten. Cashmere knit, Lisa Yang. Bag, ATP Atelier.

Why settle for one knit when you can wear two? A question asked too frequently if you ask my partner. I don’t think men know what they are missing out on when they just put on one (1)  t-shirt and one (1) jacket and leave the house in the morning. More than half of the fun of getting dressed, I would say.

Is pants under dresses ever gonna go out of fashion? JK of course it’s gonna go. But that’s not a reason not to wear it know. It’s practical when riding a bicycle, it gives your underwear a break if your dress is kinda see through and also it looks good.

Shirt, SAND. Pants, SAND. Bag, Loewe. Sunglasses, Chloé. Sneakers, Saucony.

I am gonna take this time to give a garment I recently discovered, some well needed time to shine; the short-sleeved blazer. I know I know, it sounds ridiculous, but really it’s the ultimate summer piece? Hear me out. It’s warm, you have tons of meetings to attend and you don’t feel like wearing long a long-sleeve. You are also wearing very tiny shorts which demands you wear something less naked on top, bc let’s face it, you’re not on vacation!! Enter; the short sleeve blazer! The elegance of the regular blazer is there, but so is the breeze you so desperately need. Also, it’s very 80s and I for one appreciate that.

Short sleeve blazer, vintage. Sneakers, Veja.

Going all in on one color is very popular in a fashion week kind of context. Everybody does it? But in “real life”, I feel like it’s not that common. If you don’t consider black a color (which it’s not btw). So, let’s go all in monochrome, without a bunch of street style photographers to please, ok? Strangers might take your picture anyway though, bc you’ll for sure be the best dressed person during rush-hour that morning, promise!

Blazer, vintage Yves Saint Laurent. Sneakers, Saucony.

Published 25/05/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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