I am obsessed with these 5 instagram accounts rn

Published 15/08/2020
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Where do I look when I am lacking out if inspiration?

To these 5 amazing IG accounts. And no, I can’t get enough of them.


Me and Fanny have been following (and knowing) Hannah for quite a while now, and I love her style and her genuine aesthetics. But this summer she has been PEAKING. According to Instagram she has spent her summer in south of Sweden, where her summer house looks just beyond everything else. The perfect mix of cosy, lots of color but still the Scandinavian simplicity. Not to talk about their little getaway to France a couple of weeks ago, or Hannah’s new Jil Sander sandals I am just dying every time I see them.

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But what I love most to follow is her stories, amazing snapshots of everything and nothing.

Follow Hanna here.


Hard to not be obsessed with Chainky. Right?? I am pleased to serve you her outfit diary she did for Hobnob here, you are welcome in advance.


A new danish cool cat I started follow recently and just love her style. Lots of amazing vintage pieces, lots of colors. What is it not to like!!!

Follow her here.



Yes this Amsterdam based babe takes the No.1 place of the people I love to follow the most. She is so effortless cool, creative and fun. Both in the way she dresses and lives.

Do yourself a favor and follow her! Do it here.


Last but not least, the ever coolest Michelle Li!! I think we share the same love for Helmstedt patterns and colored eye liners, though Michelle has a slight better game in the last mentioned. However, I love her and you should follow her here.

Side note: I also wish I dared to dye my hair pink.

Published 15/08/2020

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