How to wear rhinestone after the holidays

Published 11/01/2021
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Are you like me that you got sick of all the holiday looks by the second it turned 1st of January 2021? I just want to wear bright colors and hang my holiday dresses in the end of my closet for a couple of weeks now. But then I changed my mind! And realized there are no such thing in 2021. I have made a New Years resolution that I will wear all my pieces all year around. That also means when buying a new (or vintage) item, it has to pass that criteria aswell. Not too much to ask these days, right?

However. Before the holidays I bought a few rhinestone pieces bc I developed a very fast and intense love for that sparkling thing, and come to a conclusion that it can be worn in so many ways without feeling too festive! And here are some ways I have been trying out after the holidays.

Lean back and keep scrolling.

a suit?

Yes. It’s absolutely possible. Especially if it contains a higher slit.

Starting off strong bc I would say this is one of my favorite looks in this article, and I will totally wear it as fast as possible when we are allowed to go public again. It is actually too good to wear at home. Can’t wait for our office space to be ready so we have a reason to dress up again, even if it is only me and Fanny. Can’t wait to dust off all my great suits and fancy them up with some rhinestone and heels.

To be honest the only person I dress up for is myself anyway.

Suit, Acne Studios
Skirt, Zara
Turtleneck, Loewe
Heels, Balenciaga

Or going to a sports game?

Where the locations is your own sofa.

Is this the year the rugby sweater will have its giant comeback? Last season this tie die sweater from Acne Studios entered everyones wishlist and was sold out everywhere. But is this the year when it will come back for good? And leaving the “18 y/o high school douche bag vibe” back in 2020? Even if my speculations are wrong, the iconic Loewe rugby dress is a forever and iconic favorite of mine. I hope they are here to stay.

However. I find this a great way to dress down a very festive piece of clothing, you can almost not tell they are the greatest party pants of this era. I would maybe not do yoga in them, but for sure wear them to a sports game in my sofa.

No I don’t watch any sports game.

Rugby Sweater, Weekday. Knitted sweater, Stella McCartney (sale). Pants, Gucci via Vestiaire Collective. Bag, Prada


Or why not sparkle up your favorite dress?

Speaking of the greatest party pants of this era: these are my absolutely greatest catch. IN LIFE. Yes it is a catch from Vestiaire Collective and the brand is Gucci, and they are so sparkly you might get a psychos if you stare at them too long.

But I love them and they are the best icebreaker or conversation starter in the world.

I have to tell you a story about them to understand how fun we have had with (and in) these ones.

Me and Fanny were in Copenhagen last spring with a couple of friends to celebrate her boyfriends birthday, and one of the nights we had dinner at a restaurant named Cantina. During the night a couple of persons had stopped me to say how impressed they were over my pants and that I looked like a character from Studio54. To be mentioned I wore a white mens tux blazer, it was an amazing outfit.

However, after a couple of drinks me and Fanny went to the ladies room and a man knocked on my shoulder and said something in Danish (side note: I am terrible at Danish) so I thought he also complemented my pants. I said hundreds of thank you in a crunchy Danish and went to wash my hands. Well, lets just say he didn’t complemented my pants.

It turned out he told me that my pants had broke in the back. Like literally all the way from A to B. Which meant I had, on my way to the ladies room, showed the entire restaurant my ass. I can’t even describe how much we laughed and how embarrassed I was for three minutes in the end of that bathroom. But then quickly I turned the pants back and forth and could hide the giant whole with my blazer. Then we had tequila and everything was back on track.

Or your bra

I guess its only Victoria Secret and JW Anderson who can make crystal bras. Well, I have to say I prefer the last one. It goes better outside the clothes rather than inside.

Shirt, Marimekko
Pants, Acne Studios
Crystal Bra, JW Anderson

Knitted tights

Either if we are going through another year of home office or not; knitted tights will be my go-to piece of clothing until bare leg season (aka mid June in Sweden) this year. I have lost count on how many I have bought during the lockdown. And I have realized knitted pants are far from boring!! You just have to learn the trick how to style them, without feeling like you just came home from a forest walk. For an example: with Rhinestone.

And why not spice it up even more by wearing a rhinestone tank top outside a blazer? Yes that is definitely something extraordinary. But hello, its 2021. We have a lot to catch up on from 2020.

Maybe for the next Zoom after work? Yes, yes and yes.

You can do it.

Blazer, Toteme (sale). Knitted tights, Acne Studios. Top, Zara (sale). Bag, Prada. Boots, Tabis.

Published 11/01/2021

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