I Have Discovered 4 New Ways to Wear Crop Tops

Published 30/09/2020
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I have always liked the idea of a crop top (or a bustier?), and I’ve always felt quite cool while wearing it. But somehow when I look at myself in the mirror, I end up feeling like my 18th old cousin when she’s out clubbing. Still very cool, but maybe not as much me as I like to.

This may or may not have something to do with me hitting the 25 bar this winter. Whenever I try a little bit too much – I feel like I am begging the cool kids down the block to let me join the hang. This is the feeling I am left with, instead of just owning my style and what I want to wear. Are you feeling me?

However, I am gonna do my best to prove to myself that I am wrong.

Leather Layering

I am really crushing on this outfit and layering leather and leather. I am so happy that I finally found the perfect leather top. Yes, it really is as perfect as it looks. I prefer to style it with other leather pieces. Imagine how good it would look over a leather blazer!! Or maybe over a cashmere sweater with leather cargo pants. Like these ones from Arket.

Shirt, NAKD x Trine Kjaer
Bustier, Magda Butrym via Nathalie Schuterman
Skirt, Nathalie Schuterman brand
Boots, Maison Margiela

Marie skirt

Nathalie Schuterman brand

(P)leather top

NA-KD x Trine Kjaer

Tabi toes

Maison Margiela

Speaking of (cashmere) layering

Yes, I would say that is the key to survive the Scandinavian winter. I think you cannot go wrong with layering up a cashmere crop top with another cashmere top. Also, it’s perfect for this in-between season when it’s too warm to go fully double cashmere layers but still a bit too cold not to at least try it.

Layering is a though cookie to bite though. One layer too many and you end up feeling (and looking) like a sausage.

Sweater, Jil Sander via Nathalie Schuterman
Cashmere top, H&M
Skirt, Dior via Nathalie Schuterman
Loafers, Prada

base layer

Is this the best thing you have ever heard of??

I think so.

I talked with one of my friends the other day and he said “I love Prada AW16 when they wore corsets over suits, that feels so now!!!”. And yes, I could not agree more. I have this unpopular opinion that suits sometimes can be kind of boring and not as versatile as I would wish. Finally, I have found a way to make my suits a bit more exciting.

Suit, Magda Butrym via Nathalie Schuterman
Loafers, Prada

The perfect grey blazer

Magda Butrym via Nathalie Schuterman

The perfect grey pants

Magda Butrym via Nathalie Schuterman

Leather crop top

Magda Butrym

Next level accessory

Fritz Hansen via Nordiska Galleriet

Hi pink, bye beige

I really like to wear pink, like really like. I think it has left its barbie reputation many years ago. Or has it? As other like to wear different shades of beige, I love to wear different shades of pink. A little bit more spicy than beige. I hope we can agree on that.

If you happen to be a party person (yes like me!) a knitted crop top is a great choice. It’s definately less naked than a regular crop top. Or maybe it isn’t? Well, at least it’s warmer and at least I feel a little bit more dressed since it’s knitted. But the amount of skin one shows is probably the same.

I only have one rule when getting dressed, comfort is king. And queen. So, if knitting is an option I will go for it.

Blazer, Old Céline
Top, Zara
Pants, Zara

Shop the look

Céline via Vestiaire Collective

Hot pink


Published 30/09/2020

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