How to dress for midsummer if you have no idea what you are doing for midsummer

Every year I think the same thing to myself: let my outfit be so good it doesn’t matter if I over cook the potatoes, start a fight with my bf and my bff, get sick and throw up in my new Prada all while the rain pours down outside the window. I am talking about my midsummer outfit(s) (yes that’s plural). And with with 24 years of experience on the subject I know that a midsummer outfit not only need to be that good in looks and feels, it also needs to able to handle all of the above. Like I said, I’ve had some shitty midsummer eve’s

So in celebration of the very low demand I have on my closet for this occasion and the maintenance it requires to handle all of the above, I present to you my imaginary closet for the upcoming midsummer weekend!

And just to warn sensitive readers, yes, there will be rubber boots (midsummer is like spending new year’s eve in the alps, if you wear stilettos people will laugh at you).

Photo: Beata C / Acne Photography
Model: Sarah Gustafsson / Mikas
Clothes & Set: Fanny Ekstrand & Linn Eklund

More classic midsummer than this is hard to accomplish.

Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen
Hiking boots, Ganni
Bracelet, Blue Billie

If it starts to rain, you’ll be ready in a swimsuit.

Also, who said that flowers need to go on you head?

Swimsuit, Samsoe Samsoe
Bracelet, Blue Billie

Black isn’t your ordinary midsummer color which makes it even more interesting, don’t you think? I personally have a hard time wearing black, since I feel like it’s so much. But wearing black on midsummer is quite the rebel act (of course than depends on what you compare it to).

Dress, Ohheygirl
Lace up heels, ATP Atelier

Then again, a white dress in the middle of the meadow says two things:

I am a midsummer gal.

I just got my TBE shots.

Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen
Headband, Asos
Sneakers, Balenciaga
Earrings, Céline

The IT shoes of midsummer festivities are rubber boots.

Cotton bikini, House of Sunny
Rubber boots, Tretorn
Earrings, Weekday

So, if you are not wearing a flower crown, at least you can dress like one. And regarding head pieces, a hat is very appropriate too.

Dress, Stine Goya
Hat, Loewe
Sandals, Teva

Sunglasses, Prada
Rain coat, Tretorn

Suit, Tiger of Sweden
Necklaces, vintage

But the greatest midsummer advice I can give you is: water is your friend. In all sentences.

Published 17/06/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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