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Published 24/07/2020
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I spent last week with my family on the countryside and if there is something I love it’s curating a wardrobe for a special occasion. I look at it like my style á jour but with the things I love always in focus.

I have this idea about minimizing my wardrobe from the 4 closets I have today to around 50% to have it like that every day and I am never so motivated to do it as when I get home from a work trip or vacation. But when it’s down to business I always end up taking out around 5 garments and save everything else. Why? I love having the freedom of creativity when dressing. And although a capsule wardrobe is great, I would get bored in 5 seconds.

So, what did I pack this time? Let’s take a look, shall we.

Suits of course

I never travel anywhere without a suit. Exactly, not even to the country side.

One never know when one might need a good suit. And if you end up not needing one, using the blazer and trousers separately is just as good.

Yellow suit, vintage
Blouse, vintage
Hat, Asos
Bag, & Other Stories

However I would like to encourage both men and women to dare using suits for both vacation and leisure. Don’t you deserve feeling and looking put together (and dashing if I may say so) every day?

And if you can’t shake the feeling of the office, do a loose linnen suit or my personal summer season favorite, the shorts suit.

Shorts suit, & Other Stories
Shirt, vintage

Every day dresses that can do both

Dress to the right, Daily Sleeper
Dress to the right, I made myself

I am all about dresses during summer. It’s comfortable, it’s easy to dress up and down, it’s easy to layer when the cold arrives for the night and it’s cute.

I never bring dresses that are too bound to and occasion. Read: too fancy or too simple dresses. I want to be ready for both picking apples and a glass of wine in all dresses I bring. Those dresses I never end up wearing and we all know the worst enemies of vacation: bad mood and poor space in suitcases.

One fancy dress

Dress and head piece, I made myself
Sunglasses, Chimi

I am not perfect, I break my own rules. I tend to bring a few pieces that are a little more extra. This time I brought a dress made from an old 70s curtain with a matching scarf. I loved every second of wearing this and every time I see this hanging in my wardrobe at home I will think of this night.

Clothes to me are kind of like scents are to some people. I love bringing a special piece with me on vacation to wear on a special occasion and then have it represent that moment.

Good shirts

White shirt, Sabina Sommer

Pink shirt, Jacquemus

Don’t you think I am like this try-hard person flaking around on vacation in fancy shit all the time. I mean I can be that too, but I also wear jeans and shirts. Although I only bring my favorite ones. Right now I am (just like everyone else hehe) into very big collars so I brought my favorite pieces at the moment.

When it comes to packing shirts I do as I do with my dresses. I make sure I bright pieces I can dress up and down. Shirts that like both morning coffee, laundry breaks and late night dinners.

And what about accessories?

Hat, Asos
Dress, Staud

Straw bag, Loewe

There is where I downsize my wardrobe big time. I limit myself to only bring one or two bags and make sure I get the most out of them. I love baskets for summer (for all year around really) and so I always bring one big for picnics and thrift store finds and one smaller for all the other times I need to bring my shit.

However I could never downsize my hat wardrobe when going on vacation. The reason? The hats fits in so much better on vacation than in the city. The more hats the merrier.

So, let’s do shoes next time?

Published 24/07/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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