On the hotline with artist Astrid Wilson

We called the hotline and Astrid Wilson answered. How about changing career completely, from a project leader to a full time artist. Now also launching a collaboration with British fashion brand Rixo. How the fudge did that happened?

Astrid Wilson! The hotline bling of the hour. Describe yourself in five words.
– Kind, Loyal, Messy, Creative, Thoughtful

We’ve heard rumors that you’ve went from a project coordinator at Swedish high streetbrand Gina Tricot, to a full time artist. Is that true?
– Yes that is true.

Before we get into details to that, how did you feel about quitting your full-time job and go by your own?
– A weird mixed feeling – Terrified & happy! And very committed to make it work somehow.

What made you do it?
– Partly, because I have been working at Gina Tricot the last 7 years and felt that it was time for something new and partly because I discovered that there is a possibility to support myself on my art..

Where, when and how did you find your passion for creating art?
– To create I need a calm and quite place. And I always prefer to be alone in my studio surrounded by my own creative chaos.

I rarely have a hard time finding inspiration. I see inspiration in a lot of things; in nature, in fashion, in women… And I am obsessed with flowers.

And not just about that, you’ve also recently teamed up with British fashion brand Rixo! Tell us everything about that. We feel beyond excited.
– They sent me a DM on Instagram and asked if I wanted to exhibit my art works in their Pop up store in London. First the idea was that I would exhibit my existing art works, then we talked about that I would make an art work exclusively for them, but the match between us felt so good so I ended up creating 5 unique art works made with inspirations from Rixo spring collection. The art works are for sale at my website, via & i their pop up store in London, Kings Road 74, Chelsea.

What or with who is your dream collaboration? And why?
– I LOVE Glossier, there brand is so popping and playful. To work with them would be a dream come true.

Another question, how many bags do you own?
– Hmm.. maybe 8-12 bags.

You have to choose a total new occupation, what would that be? And why?
I dream about opening my own vintage shop where I sell vintage clothes and vintage art. It is something I would love to do someday!

“I have hundreds of illustrations that I have started on my computer, but never finished”

Tell us about your creative process, from idea to done artwork.
– It depends on if I do art on commission or for my own brand. When I do art for my own brand I often do a lot of sketches before I even know what I am about to create, for me the best way to get started is just to play with colors and shapes and I do not think about the finished result. The difficult part for me is mostly not how I start a piece of art, it is if and how I finish it. I have hundreds of illustrations that I have started on my computer, but never finished. When I do art on commission, I have more of a structured way to work, where I work from a brief I get from the customer. In this process I put up ideas and moodboards before I start sketching, unlike when I do art for my own brand.

If you would choose four people to would invite for dinner, who would these four be? And why?
If I can choose living or dead, I would choose my Grand Mother – I miss her so often. I would also choose Silvana Imam, since I admire her music and philosophy. Gilda Ambrosio, since she is my major girl crush. And last but not least I would love to meet princess Diana, partly because I fascinated by historical royal women, but also because she seemed to be such an sympathetic and humane person.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
I love meaningless reality shows! Paradise Hotell, Ex on the beach, Bachelor. My all time favourite is Geordie shore!

And we also really admire your colorful vintage closet, if we could we’d steal it all. Give us your best three vintage stores of all time!
I have found my best vintage pieces in Tokyo, best vintage district: Shimokitazawa! I also love “What goes around comes around” in New York, they also have webshop. And I always find something new at Beyond Retro, regardless of where I am in the world.

What’s your best advice when going vintage shopping?
Do not focus too much on branded pieces, my favourite pieces are not branded and I think it is easy to focus too much on lables. The shoes are not automatically a great match because it is Dior. And if you are not a person who likes to sew, do not buy clothes that are defect. You will not repair that broken zipper, or put up the dress that was a little bit too long. *note to self *

Your best vs. worst vintage buy?
Have so many vintage pieces that I love! One of them is a pink dress with Japanese pattern in silk. I bought it last year at Beyond retro for about 400 sek. Worst buy is a skirt that I bought just because I loved the pattern, it was and is way too small and I will never be able to use it..

If your going away for 24hours and you’re only allowed to bring seven things. What do you pack?

I always need my skincare from Nimue with me. I would also bring my oversized hoodie, one of my maxi dresses, my flip flops, headphones -since I am always listening to something. Glossier Cloud paint Haze and my pillow.

Painting dress

Dodo Bar or

Wall candy

Astrid Wilson x Rixo

To have drinks on

Svenskt Tenn

The Riviera dress

Bronx and Banco

Snack bag

Pull and Bear

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Published 15/05/2019

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