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Published 21/04/2020
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I don’t know if I am going crazy or what. Everything I think of now is refurnishing my apartment. And yes, I just moved in. I got a comment on my latest Instagram post where a girl asked me “How big is your apartment, you seem to have a new room every week!!!” Haha. It’s not that big. I just love to do make overs. Me and my bf got a question today from one go his friends “when is your apartment ready, do you have all the furniture and so on by now?” And he just answered “It will never be”. I don’t know if that was positive or negative, haha. However, I have collected a lot of beautiful homes I would love to crash and have a sleepover at after these quarantine times.

Elsa Hosk’s Soho aparmtent

She’s just not one of the biggest (and most beautiful) models in this world, I just discovered that her home is as incredible too. It’s truly the ultimate scandi dream. The thing I find hardest when furnishing is how to find harmony between the furniture and what I put on the walls. Both I shapes, colors and sizes. Agreeing with me? But Elsa sure did it 10 points. I lived in two different apartment but never managed to put anything but two photos up on the walls. Time to change that.

Fanny made me a painting I will put up the first thing I’ll do when it arrives home.

Yes, it is the Ultrafragola mirror together with a Camaleonda sofa. The combo of, I think, everybody’s dreams.

Follow her here.

@ Alfred Bramsens Copenhagen dream

We have written about it before, but it’s so good I just had to do it again.

I thought I had one of the most colorful homes in Northern Europe, but then I discovered Alfred a couple of weeks ago and realized, well, I don’t. His home is just wow. Even my bf wants to get a light blue kitchen now. What I really love with this kitchen is all the small details. Like the hand knobs in different colors, the blue & yellow tiles above the stove or the little red salt goblet that matches one of the knobs. Just love it.

Next purchase: new hand knobs & a giant bouquet of red tulips.

Follow Alfred here.

Blanca Miros spanish castle

Not a surprise on of my number 1 style icons also has the most amazing home everrrrr. A part from being influencer, Blanca also runs the brand La Veste (as you probably know by now, is a favorite of mine too) and I am so in love with the collaboration between La Veste x Gropius Lamps. Find all the ones here. Especially after I saw this picture from her dining room.

Her home feels like a mix between souvenirs finds, design furniture and a hotel in Miami. Can I move in?

Maybe one of the most viewed waves on Instagram rn? Furniture designer, and also a good friend of mine, Gustaf Westman‘s mirrors are everywhere! Not a surprise, they are fantastic.

And we saw this green one doing its premiere in Hanna MW’s amazing home a couple of months ago. Fits perfect with her, in general, very eclectic and colorful home decor. Heard some rumors she will repaint her entire apartment very soon, can’t wait to see the result asap.

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Luke Edward Hall’s Bristish Countryside home

Think I almost broke into two pieces when I saw this picture.

Ever since me and Fanny interviewed Luke for Hobnob when he did the collaboration with Svenskt Tenn, I secretly have had a crush on him and his design. It’s literally everything I love. And during that lunch he told me that he and his boyfriend was about to buy a countryside house in the British countries about one hour from London, and showed me pictures, and I died again. And here it is! Would love to bring Fanny and have a never ending dinner with the two of them in their dreamy universe.

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Our Hobnob girl Lowe Olsens new crib

When we meet me, Fanny and Lowe one of our main topics are boyfriends agreeing on weird & colorful furniture, hehe. Important topic in our life. Can you imagine all the weird questions our bf’s recieves? I remember one time when Fanny bought a daybed on Swedish Craigslist and asked if Måns could help her pick it up. Today we can’t even mention this daybed in his presence. He hates it. Haha.

However, Lowe and her bf just moved into a new space

And it looks absolutely wow!!! Every room is a brighter color than the other, decorated with a mix of designer furniture & vintage bargains – not to forget their very (VERY) cute, but very angry, sausage-dog Jerry.

Hopefully soon a house tour on Hobnob TV. Or?? Lowe?

Follow Lowe (and Jerry) here.

Published 21/04/2020

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