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Published 23/03/2020
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It’s a mad world! And who thought that getting dressed would actually help it feel less mad.

Earlier this week we asked what you wanted to read here on Hobnob Journal in these quarantine times and there was so many of you who asked for stay at home outfits, both for doing nothing and of course working.

I’ve been a freelance writer since I was 22 years old and this fall marks the fourth year for me. So I would say I am kind of a pro at working from home. But oh boy it’s been a journey. I follow everything you say about how hard it is to both get focus, stay motivated when you finally landed that focus but also how incredibly hard it is to get out of your pyjamas when your office is your kitchen. It comes as no surprise that not doing your routine with getting up, taking care of your skin or whatever you do, getting coffee and getting dressed really fucks with you. You need this to stay sane and tell your mind that it isn’t the weekend but you actually have lots to do.

It took me about two years to realize this! Can you imagine! So stupid. I am there now though. Sitting in my home office in yogapants a vintage blazer with my morning coffee right next to me and with a face mask creating wonders on my skin.

The Pyjamas

Is actually a great way to do home office style. However, it should not be your average sleeping pyjamas. Make sure your jamas I fresh, steamed if you’d like and something you change into when you “day” begins. Otherwise you will get stuck in the morning phase of the day and all of a sudden it’s dinner time.

I am speaking of experience.

Tights and top, Norba
Blazer, vintage
Heels, Dior

Working out clothes minus the working out part

This is my go-to look these days. I try to do some yoga in the morning not to go completely insane and usually end up going back to the yoga pants after my morning shower. I usually add a blazer to the look not to freeze but also because I love a good tights + blazer silhouette.

Looking for more yoga pants looks? Carin Falk did a guide on how to wear yoga pants even if you are not a yoga girl last spring and it’s still very good.

Blazer, Gucci
Sweat pants, vintage
T-shirt, vintage YSL
Heels, Prada

Sweat pants and blazer

So basically I feel one can get away with a lot of sloppy clothes if only one add a cool blazer? A big logo one for example. But a bright colored one works just as well if you ask me.

Obviously Linn added heels to this look for the photo. I believe you got that but I just wanted you all to know that we do not strut around in stilettos at home. That would be so awkward.

The PJ shirt with party pants

Some say everything gets better with party pants and you should listen to those.

Even if you are just home by yourself you should dress up if you want to. Don’t underestimate the power of a happy outfit on a sad day. That sounds like a cheesy Pinterest quote but it’s true. You are only as happy as your outfit.

Party pants, Gucci
PJ shirt, Nufferton
Slippers, Céline

But this is the ultimate work from home-look if you ask me.

Black and white dot top, Caroline Constas
Sweats, Hobnob (coming soon)
Sandals, Bottega Veneta

Pink and yellow dot top, Stine Goya
Sweats, Hobnob (coming soon)
Sandals, Stine Goya

Video conference attire

Ok so the only good thing about social distancing is video conferencing and FaceTime meetings. I’m just like hello efficiency!!! Finally all those meetings that could have been an email become emails and all the 2 h long meetings that should have been finished 1 h earlier get the time frame they deserve.

But that is not the best part (or is it?) because the best part of it all that you only need to dress half of your body: the part you are actually showing.

Two piece sets

It’s like cute sets were made for home quarantine.

Finally one can wear the same set over and over again without even pretending to feel bad about it.

Set, Hosbjerg

Published 23/03/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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