Hobnob’s Weekly Fashion Plate

Published 14/03/2023
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Every week Hobnob serves you our favorite looks from the previous week in cyberspace on a large plate. How about a plate full of Chanel Mary Janes for appetizer, a great shearling coat as a main course, and see through sequin dresses for dessert? The chefs this week are our favorite Danish models, french brands, and our all-forever Thai style Icon Wanna Siri.

The it-shoe of the season

Coolest cat aka. Vera Vanverp serving us the IT-shoe of the season: a party version of the ever so iconic Mary Janes from Chanel. And I can’t hold it back, they are sooooo good.

The dark side of MiuMiu?

Well, if there is any dark side club of MiuMiu I want to join it too.

Dumpling for dinner?

The new Loewe bag makes me hungry, the shape reminds me of a dumpling. Goodbye Bottega Veneta pouch bag, Loewe Paseo bag is here to stay.

Everything signed Coperni

… is superb these days.

Calling all the tall ladies and gentlemen

If I were about 6ft tall I would go and check out this Magda Butrym dream immediately. So so good for the Scandinavian March weather.

Leaving the gym straight to the party

Well, Wanna Siri always pulls off the best looks in my feed. You never know if she’s on her way to a Balenciaga show, ski slope, or just a session at the gym. Yet as inspiring though.

The invitation said: pool but also party

Why wear it under the t-shirt when you can wear it over?

Yes, I am absolutley talking about the bra.

Published 14/03/2023

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