Hobnob’s Weekly Fashion Plate

Published 14/02/2023
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Every week Hobnob serves you our favorite looks from the previous week in cyberspace on a large plate. How about a plate full of ruffles for appetizer, a great mountain look as a main course, and painted Tabi’s for dessert? The chefs this week are our favorite British influencers, Danish it-girls, and our all-forever Polish brand.

Alexa Chung Grocery Shopping

This is my look when going grocery shopping tonight, abso-fucking-lutely.

Sophia Roe in an Alaia Dream

If I have googled this dress 100 times? Maybe.

Me on my Honeymoon

Isn’t this Magda Butrym set SCREAMING Honeymoon attire?

Nina in the Alps

Correct headline: Me in the alps this weekend*

Sneaker Bling-a-ding-dong

All sneakers should have at least one kind of jewelry, right? Love how Emili styled it on her Adidas.

Alex in full Denim Look

Absolutley obsessed with this look Alex pulled off during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Now I just need to find a Denim Jacket, asap.

Josie in painted Tabi’s

No words needed. Super duper mega chic.

It’s the Headband for Me

Vivian is one of the most beautiful girls in this business, and now she has convinced me to try on the headband look. Yes, I have been 100% not here for it before. To be continued.

Published 14/02/2023

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