Hobnob’s Weekly Fashion Plate

Published 08/02/2023
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Every week Hobnob serves you our favorite looks from the previous week in cyberspace on a large plate. How about a plate full of roses as an appetizer, Mafia Wife vibes for the main course, and Pom Poms for dessert? The chefs this week are our favroite brands, Spanish skiers, and our all-forever favorite Danish influencers.

All I see is roses

Magda Butrym, Coperni, and now my latest obsession for my future wardrobe is The Mannei. I can’t stop thinking about everything roses. Love, love & love it. And this suit would be a perfect uniform for my wedding this summer.

Rainbow winter?

For my next ski trip, I will copy this look 100%. Why haven’t I though about blue ski pants before??? Blanca is the master of mixing all colors available.

Mafia Wife Era? YES.

Giant faux fur coats are here to stay! And Camille is always an inspiration to pulling off effortless yet careless looks.

The Cool Cake Look

Biker girl with a side of merengue cake? It’s a yes from me. What about you? Beatrice is one of the coolest cakes out there.

Vacation but make it City

Another girl that always pulls off the effortless yet cool look is our favorite Dane Jeanette Madsen. And did anyone know if Lina Rinna walked their Rotate show? OMFG, it was insane. More about that later.

Speaking of roses

Pom poms are also a look I am for this spring. Is this me at my own poolparty in July? Maybe.

Published 08/02/2023

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