Hobnob’s Weekly Fashion Plate

Published 17/01/2023
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Every week Hobnob serves you our favorite looks from the previous week in cyberspace on a large plate. How about a Willy Wonka Gucci look for an appetizer, open sandals for the main course, and the iconic Cipriani cake for dessert? The chefs this week are our favorite American cowboys, next-generation danish designers, and our all-forever favorite Swedish influencers.

Emnita Wonka serving us a full Gucci look.

Follow her here.

Fastest run to the Aprés wins, agree?

Follow Bernadette here.

Summer in NYC á la Sophia Roe, who books the tickets? Me?

Follow Sophia‘s dreamy account here.

Socks in heels is a yes from us.

More sock’spo from Leandra here.

The award for dreamiest dress of 2023 goes to…

Nicklas Skoovgard!

The coat gown of the season? Y.E.S

And Giovanna keeps serving us the best ones.

Is it a Cipriani Cake? Oh, it’s the beauty Matilda Djerf.

Follow her dreamy life here.

Published 17/01/2023

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