Hobnob’s Weekly Fashion Plate

Every Monday Hobnob serves you our favorite looks from the previous week in cyberspace on a large plate. How about giant hair accessories for appetizers PJ pants and Tabis for the main course and a full brown leather look delight for dessert? The chefs are Scandinavia’s favorite content creators, London-based stylists, and forever influencers.


Why choose one giant scrunchie when you can choose two? Copenhagen based creative Sidesel Alling serves us everything from daily insights in her work as a freelance content creator, to her best mini skirts in stores rn.


I would claim that Josefine is the queen of making basics the most exciting pieces, indeed? We just love this look of wearing PJ pants with tabis, only thing is that we have to wait for the Scandinavian winter to pass.


Forget the complete black look, the complete brown look is ready to take over the spotlight. And I couldn’t be happier, brown is like the kinder big sister to all my (evil) black clothes. Beatrice just showed me that I need a brown Kelly in my life, not a black.


And for the main course, we are serving you another great hairdo from Blanca Miró. If Josefine HJ is the queen of basics, I would say that Blanca is the princess of all kinds of headgear. I need this velvet rose in my (hair) wardrobe. NOW.


Everyones favorite Scandi icon (including myself) just pulled of the dreamiest maxi denim skirt signed Dries Van Noten. The internet exploded, including my Google browser.

Santa, can you hear me?


If it’s not the wedding of this year or the design collaboration of this decade, Camille keeps pulling off the coolest but also yet effortless looks each and every day. This week I am here for the fantastic bow heels from Loewe, which I guess are on every fashion lover’s Christmas wishlist.


Cowgirl, who? Yes, that’s me. Obsessing over each and every cowboy hat och boot that enters my screens these snowy days in Stockholm. And I love how Deborah wear my ideal mountain look for a great Aprés.

Published 19/11/2022

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