Hobnob’s Vintage Favorites in Cyber

Published 28/10/2022
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Nothing feels as good as scoring a really good vintage piece. The excitement of being at the right place at the right time (for once!!) is unlike anything else. This rarely happens though. If we were to give our scoring record a percentual guess it may even be less than 5%. But the most important thing is to never give up. If you take your chances off the street and go online instead your luck may change though. Once a month Hobnob gather the best vintage or pre-loved pieces in cyber right now. 100% chance of success.

Speaking of Denim

Ruffle Denim here

Hi, Disney

Gucci skirt here

Vintage YSL

Necklace here.

A 40.5? Lucky you.

Furry Chanel friends.

Who called for Matrix?

Balenciaga coat here.

Wanna Twin Up With Dua Lipa?

50% of the look here.

The Perfect Leather Jacket?

Find it at Worn Vintage.

Published 28/10/2022

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