Hobnob’s Fall Guide Through Stockholm

Published 09/09/2021
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We would like to invite you to a virtual trip to our hometown Stockholm. This is where we take our morning coffee, shop our best vintage looks, go for long pasta dinners, drink too much wine and look at art and interior. Welcome to Stockholm!



Pom & Flora


If you want to find the coolest locals you go to Garba. Here you never have to choose, they serve both breakfast, drinks and dinner. Garba opened their doors this winter and has been the it-spot of town since. If you go, promise to order their toast with ricotta in the morning and their home- made pasta in the evening. Thank us later.

Pom & Flora

Pom & Flora created Stockholm’s breakfast culture. Not mentioning them in this guide would be criminal. Their toast with peanut butter and banana and oatmeal bowls have probably influenced Sweden more than all of this country’s influencers together. Not a joke.



Restaurant Prinsen opened in 1897 and we do not even dare to guess how many meatballs they have served since. Prinsen has been the place to be for creatives since the 50s. Their regulars used to have numbered cups to drink out of but either they walked out of history or Prinsen couldn’t keep count of them all. Either way, meatballs at Prinsen is never a bad idea.

Positano (Yes!)

In the enriched Nordiska Kompaniet, or NK as the locals says, there is a small restaurant on floor 3. They serve pasta, risotto, bar snacks and a mean bellini. Are you on the lunch-run or need to have a drink before making a huge decision at one of NK’s many stores, this is where you go.

Positano (Yes!)


Café Nizza

Scandinavians love their Italian food and Stockholm is no different. At café Nizza they take the best from Italy, bring it on a trip through France and add Swedish raw ingredients for a sensational food experience. Their cacio e pepe fermentata was the topic of every other discussion we had at the office last spring.

Bar Agrikultur

If you are looking for big food on casual small plates in an even smaller restaurant you must visit Michelin praised Agrikultur’s baby sister restaurant Bar Agrikultur. The menu at ’Baren’ as the locals call it, changes with the season and has strong vegetable focus. They also have a strong gin focus, making their own gin together with Stockholm’s Bränneri located a few streets away from the small restaurant.

Café Nizza
Bar Agrikultur



Traditional wine, natural wine, biodynamic wine and just regular freaking wine. Vina (to wine in English) is the kindest wine bar in town, run by two lovely sisters.


If you, like us, need to have a Reuben sandwich in front of you in less than 20 minutes, Schmaltz is your place of choice. They also serve great drinks in thin, thin glasses and offer pickles. We are regulars.


Moderna Museet

The museum of modern art in Stockholm is located on a small island just by the city center. 

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

The museum Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde used to belong to Prince Eugen but opened up to the public in 1948, after his death. Waldemarsudde has a permanent exhibition with around 7 000 works of art but also hosts guest exhibitions.

Pre-loved & Vintage

Lisa Larsson

Lisa runs her store on Södermalm in Stockholm and before the time of Vestiaire Collective (and after too of course), the Stockholmers with the greatest designer collections left their goods to be sold with her.

Beyond Retro

Ski suits, English countryside knits, 70s sequin dresses and 80s jeans. Beyond Retro was the first real vintage store in Stockholm that spoke to the younger crowd. They still do.


Stadsmissionen, a Salvation Army kind of koncept, sells everything from unbranded to YSL and Celine. You have to dig in deep but when you do, there is no real end to what you can find.


The Modern

The Modern (located across the street from Schmaltz!) is the eclectic injection that Stockholm has been missing for many years. With a mix of hand-picked vintage and emerging designers we can promise you that you will find your next dream purchase.

Nordiska Galleriet

A Stockholm institution when it comes to interior design. Nordiska Galleriet mixes contemporary interior and eternal classics with both International and Scandinavian design.

Published 09/09/2021

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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