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Hobnob Tv: Renting Clothes Is The New Shopping

Published 17/11/2020
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In a completely new format for Hobnob Tv and in collaboration with clothing rental service Re:Leased, Fanny Ekstrand and Linn Eklund style one favorite piece each for three different occasions.

Learn more about the rental service Re:Leased offers here.

Fanny’s look no.1

Stine Goya dress, Stine Goya shirt, Hope blazer and Gestuz bag

Fanny’s look no.2

Stine Goya dress and Stine Goya top

Fanny’s look no.3

Stine Goya dress, Filippa K sweater and private jeans

Linn’s look no.1

By Malene Birger Suit and Day knit sweater and Gestuz sweater

Linn’s look no.2

By Malene Birger suit and Stine Goya dress

Linn’s look no.3

By Malene Birger suit and private shirt

Published 17/11/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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