Why Hawaii shirts may be your most important summer purchase

Published 24/06/2019
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Budget hack: Steal your dads old!

For a long time, Hawaii shirts to me was the ultimate dork garment. Nobody at Vogue owned a Hawaii shirt?? Hawaii shirts belonged to the land of velcro sandals and tribal tattoos. Somehow, it still does only now it’s called the Hypebeast. Minus the tribals (but really, for how long??). And I don’t know this for sure, but Hawaii shirts may occur at the HQ of Vogue this summer.

I remember a guy I went to school with who was the typical cool boy. He was an ass, but that came with it back then. As soon as the heat rose, the uniform of over the knee shorts, white rib tank top and Hawaii shirt with flowers and flames were a fact. I thought he was savage, but a few years later I looked back and hated both him and his look. Now? I must say that my Prada Hawaii shirt looks a lot like the one he used to wear (or maybe I should say the one his mother dressed him in).

Hawaii shirt, Prada
Skirt, Fendi
Strap heels, ATP Atelier
Bag, Fendi
Sunglasses, Tom Ford

Treat it like your regular shirt

So, here is how you open your mind to Hawaii shirts. Step one is to get on board and treat your Hawaii shirts like your white shirts. It doesn’t even have to be your white shirts, it can be any shirts really.

And what is more basic than a straight skirt and some strap heels? Very early 00 but also very 2019.

“The Hawaii shirt is the perfect vacation piece, it goes with anything”

When it’s too hot for a blazer, put your Hawaii shirt to work

I often find summer to be the hardest season to get dressed for. It really should be the easiest since it requires less clothing, but being a person who feels too naked in everything I am just very uncomfortable in a lot.

During every other season I but a blazer or a jacket over everything I feel too boring in. It adds that masculinity I crave. But 30 degree celsius is not very forgiving towards that trick.

So, my cover up hack these upcoming months are to change my blazers for short sleeve shirts. Same cool, but well, more cool.

Also, adding a pair of neon flame heels solves a lot of problems as well.

Hawaii shirt, Beyond Retro
Nylon dress, Prada
Heels, Prada

Paterns like it’s 1983

I am not a stranger to going all in. So, the crazier the Hawaii shirt, the better. And the best way to catch the best patterns is vintage and thrift shopping. They just don’t make patterns like they did in the 80s anymore.

This look is just as good on the beach as in the city, don’t you agree? I need this today.

Shirt, Beyond Retro
Skirt, Stella McCartney
Straw bucket hat, & Other Stories
Shell earrings, Weekday
Boots, Chanel

Add a skirt and you have a party

I always pack a really good, super dramatic skirt on vacation. Why? It makes any situation a party. And the combination party skirt and Hawaii shirt is just the best. It’s like the golden combo of 2006, the flower dress + biker leather jacket. Do you remember??? I sure do.

Hawaii shirt, vintage
Skirt, Alessandra Rich
Flip flops, Havaianas
Glasses, Chimi
Bag, Chanel

Published 24/06/2019

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