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Has the Dad Shoe family Expanded?

Published 20/03/2020
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Sooo, we all have something to thank the dad fashion for. For me, it’s the dad sneaker. Or, it was. Now the Chunky Brogue’s really caught my eye.

The gram has turned into a lookbook dad version and I’m here for it.

Style them with your favorite suit pant along with an oversized blazer and you’ll be the coolest person walking the streets!!

Images via Alexis Foreman

Also, when summer comes you’ll see me walking around in a real cute dress together with these. Best of both worlds, right??

They say good things come in three and dad shoe-edition is no exception: dad Sneaker, dad Sandal and now dad Brogues.

Brogue outfits Hobnob Style:

Fanny proving to us all that the new addition we all want in our closets is this shoe.






Published 20/03/2020

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