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Published 16/12/2019
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Gustaf Westman is the architect student gone furniture designer. He started his career at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm but took a break to focus on his own work as a designer and interior architect. We asked him to share his wishlist for Christmas.

An original side table by Gustaf Westman.

A mirror Gustaf Westman designed for a showroom in Stockholm.

The best member card

Nothing is more inspiring for me than going to Louisiana. The combination of Jørgen Bo and Wilhlem Wohlert´s amazing late modernism museum extension and interesting exhibitions always puts me in a good creative mood. So, I think it’s time for me to get a membership there. 

Shop for membership at Louisiana Museum here.

Alp Cabin in the middle of Stockholm

My interior goal for 2020 is to make my small one-room apartment into a combination of a mountain cabin in the alps and colorful Paris apartment. So, whatever you can find in pinewood will be perfect to match my blue Togo sofa! Why not this table by Roland Wilhelmsson for Karl Andersson & Söner AB? Ok no one will buy me a table for 5000 euro but I have so many relatives out in the country so they will surely find something similar in some flea market.

Shop a selection of vintage Roland Wilhelmsson here.

Gustaf and his cobalt blue Togo couch with matching armchairs.

You spend half your life sleeping, so…

One of my favourite furniture designers right now is Swedish Magniberg. Too bad that their amazing wooden armchair “Horse” is both totally sold out and too expensive. Well, they do have this bedding sheet in metallic silver which will be perfect for me to sleep with all 2020 (and dream about the wooden chairs).

Shop Nude Duvet cover in Metallic Silver here.

It also happens my birthday is coming up (remember this, friends and family)

I’m kind of starting to get tired of my architecture school style with dirty fabric bags… And since I’m trying to become more professional in my so called work life it’s time to get a more suitable home for my notebooks, pens and computer. I’ve had my eyes on this Maison Margiela bag for a wile now and I think my stuff would fit perfectly in it!

It also happens to be on sale (come on everyone I know!!)

Shop Maison Margiela Two-way Glam Slam bag here.

One can never have to many jeans

I Do Hope for these ones

The perfect fit jeans from Hope! Both wish them as Christmas gift and for them to be restocked in my size. 

Shop Rush Denim here.

Something I always wish for

Shop Gunnar Asplund Nybrogatan 7, here.

One thing that my family and friends always know they can buy me is architecture or interior books. This year, why not this book about Gunnar Asplunds interior for Nybrogatan 7. It’s about the so called “Asplundroom” which is an almost 90-year-old conference room that still today looks exactly the same as when it was opened 1931. That’s something!! 

Follow Gustaf Westman and his work here.

Published 16/12/2019

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