Gift Guide: Special Gifts That Are Unpersonal But Very Personal

Published 07/12/2022
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Personality never goes out of style, they say. 

So why not create meaningful and memorable personalized gifts for your colleagues, friends, and family? A scarf they will want to wear every day, a perfume that will leave an air of their signature smell wherever they go and a custom luggage tag for all those bags that tend to get lost at the airport. Unique pieces to last and to love, made by You.

A Scented Nose Job

Do you want it to smell like teen spirit to match your favorite cousin’s grunge personality? The choice is yours when you customize your own perfume to gift a loved one. At Collect & Bottle, your nose will get to botanizing in 80 carefully selected ingredients, everything from natural ingredients like bergamot, jasmine, and patchouli to synthetic classics like Hedione and Iso E Super.

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When you have finished scenting, a unique recipe is formulated and a bottle of 30 ml Personalized Eau de Parfum accompanies you home and the recipe is archived. Sounds great minus the effort? Don’t worry, instead just buy a gift card and the receiver will get to do the smelly, dirty job herself.

The studio and perfume laboratory of Collect & Bottle.

Pretend that your friend has made a unique collaboration with Acne Studios 

Co-brand Acne Studios logo labeled light wool fringe scarf with your friend’s initials and choose a suitable emoji to make it cute or cool – you’re the Creative Director of this project!

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The perfect gift for the traveler

(Who doesn’t want to recognize oneself as a globetrotter?)

A lux luggage tag for all those bags that tend to get lost at the airport these days. A 6x10cm small beauty crafted in Bottega Veneta’s iconic Intreccio weave in 100% rubber silicone.

Before you wrap it in Christmas paper, make it personal by handwriting the name and home address of the receiver on the paper that fits into the tag, et voilà – Bonne Voyage!

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The Symbol of Eternal Love: Personalized Correspondence

What if personalized, handwritten correspondence was the answer to everlasting love? We’d say it’s definitely worth trying. What’s at stake is a mailbox loaded with Smythson Imperial love letters from our partner, something we feel we could easily survive…

Handwritten letters symbolize so much more than simple thoughts penned to paper. They symbolize the thought and effort that went into the clutter of words that ended up in your hands.

Getting the envelopes and matching letters from Smythson and having them personalized with your loved one’s name – or both of your names together – is for sure as sweet as the like icing on the cake.

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A love letter Frida Kahlo sent to her friend Emmy Lou Packard in 1940. The letter is sealed with three lipstick kisses.
Displayed at the Smithsonian exhibition, “More than Words: Illustrated Letters from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art,” which featured a selection of 178 hand-illustrated letters.

Gift your little ones with a personalized wardrobe update for Christmas

Since kids keep topping The Best of Accessory List, in even competition with the IT bag, why not gift your little ones with a personalized wardrobe update for Christmas?

Zara got you more than covered with their ever-growing collection of solid pieces in muted and seasonal colors, that you can customize in a spellbound. Selecting your letters of choice and a set of cute emojis for that playful and unique look.

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Published 07/12/2022

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