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Published 21/12/2022
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Real fashion connoisseurs plan their seasonal wardrobes well ahead.

So, if you’ve decided to throw yourself out there and give your stylish friend an equally fashionable gift this Christmas, you’d better book a session at your nearest fortune teller, or indulge yourself in our gift guide below. Either way, you’ll come out on the other side enlightened like few about what trends are bubbling now and which trends will be in full bloom in time for when the heat returns this spring.

Cachmere Tights for the Bottomless

The Emperor’s new Clothes winter 22 / spring 23 are spelled bottomless dressed ups. We’ve seen them already in the YSL and Isabel Marant Winter 22 campaigns as well as on Kendall Jenner, and more is sure to come. Our guess is that the look will reach its climax on the dance floor on NYE ( well, it’s not a New Years Eve resolution but indeed wishful thinking).

To complete this almost naked look, thoughtfully topped with an oversized DB Blazer or a chunky knit cardigan, you will need a pair of really luxurious tights, preferably in cashmere and silk, like those from Wolford or the sustainable vision in cashmere recycled yarn from Swedish Stocking.

Shop the Wolford Cashmere Silk Tights here

@helastudio matching almost bare legs with the Lamis Cropped Cable Cardigan.

Not included in this gift guide, but a must-have, is a pair of black stilettos to elongate the legs, “lift” your thighs and instantly transform your outfit from standard to chic. 

Shop the Sustainable Swedish Stocking Tights here

@kendaljenner no pants flower shopping.
YSL Winter 22 Campaign
Isabel Marant FW22/23

The Seashell Headband

Remember where you saw this first. The number one follow up to the padded hairband, but fuelled with much more statement, is the Bevza Seashell Head Piece. A genius small in size, big in impact leather gem to accessorise your ears during the colder season. One size fits all which makes it the perfect gift for your special friend – and, most important, for yourself.

Shop the Bevza Seashell Headband here

Boîte Rose

The It Jewellery Box

Rest assure that the jewellery box is making it’s way to fandom. Let’s suppose that a carefully chosen piece of jewellery enhances you personality. In the same way, a well-designed jewellery box will accentuate your home and even mirror your ambitions in life.

It will work wonders on the owner’s personal branding, regardless of whether the box is floral, shaped as a cloud or covered in the softest of velvets. Hobnob favourite Sophie Bille Brahe has a selection of jewellery boxes to dye for, for all tastes (not all budgets though).

Buy the jewellery boxes here

Cloud metal box
Trésor Grande
Sonya Liberty floral velvet box

Fringing Jewellery

Don’t be blinded by all the glittery and gemstone-sprinkled pieces of jewellery that will attack you when you enter the Pearl Octopussy webshop. Not that your loved one wouldn’t cry of happiness to be gifted with any of the earrings, brooches and necklaces – they are all amazing. But there is much more to be discovered with this cool, Norwegian fashion jewellery brand.

The hidden gem is spelled The Pearl Octopuss.y REVOIR. It’s the label’s RTW Collection and everything we could wish for and more. It’s a contemporary cocktail of vintage, one of a kind, fringes, and the sought after laissez-fair look, infused with Pearl Octopussy´s dna.

There’s a fringed blazer, a coat and a sarong to choose from – or why not just have them all; the coat for yourself, the blazer for your sister and the sarong for your bestie.

Shop the Pearl Octopuss.y REVOIR here

Pearl Octopuss.y REVOIR are handpicked and carefully selected items, redesigned by hand in the studio in Oslo, with an obsessive care for detail, craftsmanship and the nostalgia of owning something unique.

Say it with a Rosie

Flowers are back in fashion spring/summer 2023. Oversized, poisonous, fake, tropical flowers walked down the catwalk at Jonathan Anderson’s collection for Loewe. Bottega Veneta gave their audience flower bouquets in the shape of in-bloom-lbds

Last Friday, Danish darling Caroline Bille Brahe’s fashion brand Caro Editions released Rosie, a rose imitation hair clip (think hot Flamenco goes Danish boho chic) in limited edition, that you can buy and gift already for the holidays. If we get one for Christmas you will most likely see us wearing the clip from Dec 24 all the way to Midsummer.

Shop the Rosie Hair Clip here

Published 21/12/2022

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