How To Dress Up Your Mood This Winter

Published 16/11/2020
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It’s easy to love late autumn dressing. Harder to fall for winter clothing.

There may only be a few weeks that separate them both but the difference is loud. Gone are the cute blazers as jackets and the bare legs in chunky boots when chilly November winds grab you by the spine. Me, crying? No you are crying.

And like that bummer wasn’t enough, the world is entering lockdown no.2.

So, how do one get through this? I am not gonna lie, I am struggeling. But what I do know is that when life is giving me lemons, I cannot make lemonade in sweatpants. I just can’t. So, lockdown, social distancing and so on or not, I am getting dressed to cheer me, and everyone I see IRL or via a screen, up.

I have with a little help from my friends, made a list.

Photo, Beata Cervin
Styling, Fanny Ekstrand & Linn Eklund
Hair, Milla Gisselfeldt Make-up, Johanna Nordlander
Models, Eunice, Venus, Luna, Yoza & Charlotte via Fiiri Agency

Make it leather

Nothing says cool like a leather look. It’s without a doubt the easiest way to give a look some attitude. So, even if your catwalk is the length of the distance between your livingroom and your kitchen, make it extra.

From left
is wearing Bottega Veneta shorts, Toteme jacket & Arket boots
Yoza is swearing an H&M leather dress & Bottega Veneta boots

From right
is wearing a Remain leather shirt, Remain leather shorts & Céline boots

Luna is wearing an Arket leather trench coat, Arket leather track pants & H&M Studio heels

Eunice is wearing a Stand Studio leather jacket, vintage leather skirt & Maison Margiela Tabi boots

Go harder on knits (all-in that is)

Ok I see how doing a meetings marathon in your couch could be more comfortable without leather pants. I am a human too. Switch the leather for some layered knits and compensate for lack of leather with some heavy metal. Could be both music and a necklace. You choose.

Venus is wearing an H&M cable knit vest
Eunice is wearing a NAKD knit dress & necklace
Charlotte is swearing a Toteme knit, Arket scarves and carrying an ATP Atelier bag

Luna is wearing an H&M turtleneck
Yoza is wearing a vintage dress with a NAKD necklace

Life can still be a party (at home)

If the world was not in a pandemic we would this time a year be sprinkling Hobnob with headlines like Party season attire and Glitter outfits for you next party etc etc. We don’t want you to party now so we wont. But we do want you to dress like you were going to a party because let’s face it life is what you make it. It’s a cliché because it’s true.

From left
Charlotte is swearing a Jade Cropper dress with Balenciaga mules
Eunice is wearing a By Malene Birger dress with H&M boots

From right
is wearing an H&M dress
is wearing a Jade Cropper dress & H&M Studio boots

Venus is wearing a Jade Cropper dress with Balenciaga boots

The power of suits

From left

All the girls are wearing vintage shirts.

Venus is wearing a House of Dagmar suit
Luna is wearing an Arket suit
Yoza is wearing an Acne Studios suit
Eunice is wearing a vintage suit
Charlotte is wearing a vintage Yves Saint Laurent suit

Stand out in an outside (non) crowd

Eunice is wearing a Stand Studio faux tiger fur
Venus is wearing a Stand Studio faux snake coat w faux fur details

Doing a fun coat instead of a classic coat is an instant mood enhancer. It even makes grocery shopping and/or walking your dog fun. But remember, a fun coat do not have to be a weird one. It can be an oversized coat as well. I know you know that but I just don’t want you to feel like more toned down coats are boring just because they lack tiger stripes. But believe me when I say, fun coats obtain a lot of power in a winter wardrobe.

Luna is wearing a vintage coat with Arket loafers

Charlotte is wearing a Stand Studio faux fur with matching bag and Arket shoes

Yoza is wearing a Stand Studio coat and Balenciaga heels

Published 16/11/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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