Image Courtesy of Tekla / Philip Messman

Coming In Hot: Tekla x Jacquemus

Published 02/12/2022
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A limited collection made in collaboration with Jacquemus, comprising sleepwear and pieces for the home that combine Jacquemus’s playful approach with Tekla’s classic aesthetic. Bedding in contrasting patterns, sleepwear-inspired pieces, and exaggerated terry towels are crafted from 100% organic cotton and French flax linen.”

When your two favorite universes decide to create one, it turns out like one of the dreams you never thought would come true. I am a self-claimed ambassador of PJs and I constantly get mocked by my friends over how obsessed I am with my giant collection of sheets. Mainly from Tekla, of course. When Jacquemus launched the news a few weeks ago I immediately wrote to the North Pole and wished for EVERYTHING. Hopefully, there will be some striped terry pieces addressed from Santa this year under the Christmas Tree. Fingers crossed I have been a good girl this year.

Image Courtesy of Tekla / Philip Messman

Find the robes here.

Image Courtesy of Tekla / Philip Messman

The feeling of a pillow
without the pillow

Find the scarf here.

The bedding

Image Courtesy of Tekla / Philip Messman

Take me here and I will never leave.

Shop the bed collection here.

Published 02/12/2022

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