Five Things I am Packing for Copenhagen Fashion Week

Published 22/01/2020
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Image via Tiffany Hsu

Fashion week in Copenhagen is approaching! Finally Christmas and New Years feels like ages ago and one can start to see spring in the horizon. Am I the only one who gets heavily holiday hangover and want every trace of Christmas erased and preferably sent to outer space January 2nd? I am not exaggerating when I say I get upset every time I see leftover Christmas decoration in windows and on the streets post first weekend in January. Like it’s offensive to spring (isn’t it though?). 

Copenhagen fashion week doesn’t only mark the start of spring, but the start of fashion month. I just want to be fed new trends, cool people and inspiration right now. Like pour it over me like a cold shower, that is how I feel. 

Yes I’ve had like ten coffee today, why???

Packing for fashion week is not an easy task. I am gonna go all up in this now, so if you feel provoked already you might want to leave this story now.
I love packing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend to a small town close by, a ski trip or you know, fashion week. To take the chocolate out of the cookie (I know it’s really raisins but who doesn’t want to take the chocolate instead of the stupid raisins) that is my wardrobe is so refreshing. Pairing stuff I love with stuff I really love is so joyful and also becomes like the essence of my style? I know people who are not in the fashion industry likes to talk about the street style scene and people getting dressed to go to shows like its a cirkus and you know what, if they didn’t say it in a mean tone I would happily agree because it is a cirkus but a really beautiful one where everyone want’s to look like their best selves. 

So, back to what I am packing. Of course this is not the only things I’ll pack but here are my essentials and the things I am most likely to wear not only once but twice and more. 

Knee high boots 

Image via Columbine Smille for Styleby

This was one of the biggest trends of last fashion season and I do not wonder why. It’s so comfortable to be hugged all the way up to your knees by a pair of shoes. I mean, sneakers who??

I will be bringing all of my favorites. The only bad thing about boots is that they take up more space in a suitcase then regular shoes.

I will be wearing the boots like this. Or with a dress for dinner time.

Image via Elin Kling

The suit trousers tucked into wide boots are one of my favorite silhouettes this season. The runner up to that trophy is boots + shorts but I think it still might be too cold to pull that one off.

This is actually what I wore today, how very blogger of me. But I love this outfit.

And speaking of


Image via Stephanie Broek
Image via Yoyo Cao
Image via Pernille Teisbaek

The by far best comeback in women’s fashion the past years. In the 00s everyone was like suit who?? Oh the thing boring attorneys wear to work.

Now everyone is like, grandads old suit? No this is Frankie Shop.

I appreciate the slouchy look I really do, but my favorite suit fit is the 80s power one with the really narrow waist.

Shorts, or?

I changed my mind, ok?? I will be wearing shorts and boots. But I will wear pantyhose underneath to make sure I don’t get frostbites.

And since I kind of like the combination of denim and black pantyhose, a marriage that made me shiver a few years ago (too many denim skirts and itchy pantyhose in middle school memories) I will probably go for an open shoe with that too. I have these ones in mind, what do you think?

These Arket denim Bermuda’s are too good to leave behind this fashion week season.

Shop here.

Chanel Spring 2020

Let’s continue speaking of denim

I have always been a rooter for Canadian Tuxedos. It’s so western cool cowboy but also very 70s Farrah Fawcett babe. A combination one should never reckon. And with the whole 1970s thing everyone has going on right now, no wonder the double denim look is back on the map.

And since I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, I guess I can add the perfect denim shirt to that list. I would add a denim jacket too but I actually have a really great one I’d never get rid of.

But speaking of denim clothes, I want us to get closer in on denim accessories. Hats and bags! I know! One so easily forget about them. A full denim look not only need but command a good denim accessory or two.

Let’s just say I will be going all in denim.

Leather: blazer and scarf

Image via Tina Lundin
Image via Josefine HJ

To say that everyone will be wearing leather this upcoming fashion week season is a mild understatement. Not only because it’s so hot but because it is hot! And January and February is not. Fashion has never been much to care about how people really feel or what the weather actually is. Spring collections usually arrive in stores when the snow storms are the worst and shopping fall coats in wool isn’t really something you want to do when you are wearing small skirts and flip-flops.

With that said, when something is appropriate to weather and looks good to, everyone makes a run for it.

However, my favorite way to do leather right now is not the leather blazer but the leather scarf. I can do it both the Lacoste way and the Jacquemus way, that is how flexible I am.

Published 22/01/2020

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