Fitting a weekends worth of clothing in a carry-on

Published 13/07/2021
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My excursions the past year have been limited to trips to the grocery store, but with summer temperatures rising so is my restlessness to leave town. While I still haven’t booked my overseas travels, I’m doing my best to manifest one into my future, along with a whole lot of bold swimsuits, specs and beachside Aperols — please August, arrive soon. Instead, I am getting into pre-vacation mode by heading South to an idyllic little spot in the Swedish archipelago. While my boyfriend plans the logistics of leaving town, I am left to focus on packing, which if you ask me is a highlight — apart from actually arriving to the destination. Let me share with you what I pack for a long weekend away — fingers crossed I don’t hit rush hour.

Question: How can I maximize my suitcase space, while minimizing the load – does that even equal up? I was never any good at math anyway.

Before rummaging through my wardrobe, I put aside my travel uniform which involves an oversized blazer, matching shorts, basket bag and chunky dad sandals. A visual sight of me looking like your local librarian. 

Your return trip will require the same you arrived in, only a tanner and more relaxed you.

A typical summer weeked, long lunches usually turn into dinner, and an afternoon drink turns into a whole evening (which is 95% of the time for me).  I opt for easy pieces that transition from day to night and from cool to warm, particularly given Swedens weather’s constant identity crisis.

Co-ords, Two Piece, Sets

– call them what you like.

Life’s pretty straight without a print co-ord set – you with me?  A two-piece equates to at least three different outfit possibilities, so we’re saving bag room already for other necessities such as an excessive vanity bag with skincare and (a lot of) travel snacks ”just in case”.

Ps. This look can take you from lounging around to pillow-side in seconds – sweet dreams!

Reminder: Don’t Forget Swimwear

When in doubt, pack multiple swimsuits, bikinis and cover-upsss. Whoops, maybe I am getting ahead of myself now, but let’s be honest – the general rule when it comes to swimsuits is there are no rules!

Stay Cool In The Heat

Pack a cute bucket hat – because shade is the best SPF…

And don’t forget sunnies – they’re to hide behind when you have a hangover, or just want to remain undercover while rolling through the McDrive on the way home.

Drowning In White

A white dress helps you be the most sophisticated version of yourself while bringing out the best of your tan. A white dress may not be groundbreaking (florals for spring anyone?) But the devil is in the details and the possibilities are endless.

Headscarf is optional but strongly encouraged.

Something Dressy

An oversized shirt can do double-duty, it’s literally a wardrobe chameleon. You’ll reach for one as a bikini cover-up when the temps dip and you’re not ready to go inside or it can transition you seamlessly into dinner, with a quick swap for a skirt.


As we’re slowly approaching the end of this mini packing marathon, you may be thinking – how does one fit an entire bathroom cabinet into the zip compartment of your bag. Take a deep breath, you don’t.

Pare down your skincare routine, but make sure you don’t skip the basics: cleanser, toner and a moisturiser will do it.

Relying on your makeup for protection won’t fly – pack an SPF30 as it might just be one of the most important items to bring for a get-away in the sun.

So can you fit a weekends worth of clothing in a carry-on? Yes! Life’s too short to worry about packing light. If you take any inspiration with you: pack however you want to pack, make sure you have options and don’t forget SPF!

Bon voyage!

Published 13/07/2021

Hobnob contributor, Caroline Ekberg, was previous Style Editor for Harper’s BAZAAR. She preaches marrying polka dot with plaid and florals with leopard and if you take a peak inside her closet you’ll realize she stores more feather embellished garments than any peacock can carry.

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