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Le Club where ski and après ski are equally important.

Published 22/02/2023
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Hobnob Mountain Club is Fanny and Linn´s passion-driven project and a natural extension of the ongoing conversation over at Hobnob Journal. For anyone who’ve spotted the duo somewhere in the Alps, or touring their favourite, local ski resorts, it’s obvious that the mountains are their natural habitat and their slope style an extra everything of the two’s always head-turning street style.

The Mountain Club, also known as simply Le Club amongst the initiated crowd, aims to include everyone who loves fashion as much as skiing – and is excited about what an intersection between these two worlds could look like. Think a Chanel waist minibag paired with puffy pants and a fringed, vintage anorak, and there you have the total look of the winter season signed Hobnob.

To welcome everyone to the club, Hobnob now proudly offers a selection of in-house designed mountain must-haves. The first drop focuses on powder and après ski accessories including a classic bandana with an off-piste twist, a vintage style pompom beanie, an oversized ski theme print long sleeve, the comfiest striped socks and the Hobnob trademark- the dad cap in a Mountain Club Resort version.

In the winter of 2023/2024, Hobnob Mountain Club will, together with My Switzerland, be the organizer of a number of ski trips with the ambition to develop @hobnobmountainclub from a digital community to a physical, collective experience in the intimate powder paradise that is the Swiss Alps. The purpose of the group travels is to get more girls on and off (under safe conditions, ofc.) the slopes, give them confidence and an opportunity to develop their skiing skill set and thus enjoy more of what life in the mountains has to offer. Leg fatigue and loads of Apérols included.

The Hobnob Mountain Club Collection is currently available at KA YO , Åre Skidsport and Ski Lodge Engelberg.

Published 22/02/2023

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