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Published 29/08/2020
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Fashion Week Convo w Maj-La Pizzelli

I sat down with Maj-La Pizzelli to talk about Stockholm Fashion Week, what’s *cOoL* and where the industry is heading. Maj-La is my boss, my friend and sometimes my therapist. She’s the kind of person you can’t have just one (1) glass of wine with. Coincidentally she’s also the Co-founder and Creative Director of ATP Atelier.

Carin Falk First thing’s first, let’s kick off this conversation by talking about ATP Atelier’s SS21 presentation for Fashion Week. We just watched it and it stands out quite a bit in the way that it’s happy and lots of fun. Fashion, and Scandinavian fashion in particular, is usually very serious and cool. Talk to me about that, plz.

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Maj-La Pizzelli When founding ATP Atelier, I wanted to create an inclusive brand that was warm and inviting. I mean, kindness really is the epitome of cool. And I think anyone, whether it’s customers or industry people, who’s attracted to our brand sees a friend in us, not just a brand. You can always sit with us, you know? And it’s important to me that that wibe is represented in everything we do, especially in our campaigns.

CF Agreed, kindness is cool. Also, thanks for that Mean Girls reference. Continuing on the topic of your SS21 campaign, you choose to feature your own team instead of models, why is that?

MP Nothing inspires me more than real people. And if there are any women in particular that inspire me every single day, it’s the ones in our offices. They all have different perspectives, different backgrounds and different dreams. They really are like a force of nature. And I really wanted to use that, again, really positive and inspiring energy that they bring, to showcase the brand and what we stand for. 

CF Yeah, it really feels like they.. We.. Are “living the brand”, if you know what I mean? You use the term Smart Luxury a lot, what does that mean to you?

Sustainability for me is not a trend, it’s a given

MP We talk a lot about the lifestyle that surrounds ATP Atelier and we’ve named it Smart Luxury. It speaks to our product, but also to the little things. Like how we travel, eat and drink. We all make conscious choices from both an ecological and emotional point of view. That goes for shoes and bags, but also for friendships and furniture, you know? 

CF Lol, I hear you. Let’s talk a little bit about you. Who even are you? What’s your background? How did you get to where you are today?

MP I’ve worked within fashion my whole life. Before fashion even was a *thing* in Sweden, I worked at Gul & Blå. I then moved on to Filippa K, where I worked for 13 years as a Product Director. That was an amazing journey for me which really sparked my passion for sustainability. So, when it came to starting my own brand it was really important that it be a conscious one from day one. Sustainability for me is not a trend, it’s a given. The first ATP Atelier shoe ever made was in vegetable tanned vacchetta and still about 80% of our shoes and bags are in that same material or metal-free nappa. These are materials that are not treated with any harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, only a few percent of the world’s leather is produced this way. But we are constantly investing in and supporting more sustainable means to make it more ‘mainstream’ and widely used within our industry.

CF Okay, so, another big question for you. Where is fashion heading?

MP I am optimistic about the future of our industry. Collections are getting smaller; brands are being smarter, and consumers are adapting a more critical mindset. I think people are leaning more towards investing, rather than shopping, if that makes any sense.

MP I also think that an increase in transparency, from brands I mean, is something that is going to kick this consumer behavior into high gear. We choose brands that correlate with our personal values to a larger extent. Fashion is basically a way to realize yourself, to show other people what you stand for and ultimately who you are. 

CF Gr8 talk. Now let’s go have some Cacio e Pepe, yes?

Published 29/08/2020

In addition to being a Hobnob contributor, Carin Falk is Brand Manager at ATP Atelier, has a very serious peanut butter addiction and argues she has the best sweats game known to mankind.

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