Fanny’s Chamonix Outfit Diary

Published 22/02/2023
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I spent last weekend in Chamonix, one of the more known French alps destinations. In Chamonix, you hike, ski, and eat cheese which pretty much sums my weekend up. Our mission for the trip was to have lunch outside in the sun on the mountain, eat cheese fondue, and ski in as many of the (many, many) ski areas connected to the great lady Mont Blanc. Let’s just say we did not have to work hard to check the first two of our list.

Of course, as I went up and down the mountain, in my search for cheese and sun I managed to wear clothes. I said to myself the days before departure to take it easy on the packing, which I managed to in my opinion. The man at the check-in desk was not as convinced though.

Pain au chocolat and Pain au chocolat-sized accessories for breakfast

I am wearing a cashmere sweater by COS, jeans, headband and boots by Chanel. The sunglasses are Celine and the coffee poor french press.

Before heading up the mountain in the morning, here we chose the La Flégère area, a pain au chocolat with everything extra is crucial.

See you at the top

Sweater and sunglasses by Chanel, silk scarf by Hermès and ski pants by J.Lindeberg. Ski poles in bamboo is sustainable Swedish brand Kang.

I am wearing a jacket by Venice based ERL.

Mixing fashion and function on the mountain is a luxury one can indulge when the sun is shining and weather is warm. I like to mix classic shell clothes with more city appropriate pieces. It shouldn’t look like a Mount Everest expedition nor a Sunday brunch in London, it should be both, you know?

Make sure to accessorize

Hobnob Ski Dad cap and Chanel bag.

Hobnob Powder beanie and Les Grands Montets.

As mentioned earlier on in this story, packing for a ski trip is not very easy. The outfits are many, the weather on the mountain too flexible and the ambitions great. Welcome up on stage – great accessories! The accessories are the heroes of this story which is why I’ll give you a check-list for your next ski adventure.

Hobnob’s Ski Accessory Packing List

A good scarf. Could be your grandmothers old scarf, could be an Hermès silk scarf or could be your childhood fieldtrip scarf. Make sure it’s bold and colorful.

A cap. May be suggest our fabulous Ski Dad Cap? A souvenir from the very much non-existing Hobnob Ski Resort.

A beanie to keep in your ski pants bib between lunch and après ski. We just happen to love the one we made for Hobnob Mountain Club called Powder Beanie.

A cute bag that’s not made for skiing at all! Add it to your functional ski pants and chic sweater look and you are ready for any ski or après ski adventure (trust us we’ve tried and it works every time).

Sunglasses. No further explenation needed except the sun don’t need to be present for your chic sunglasses to be.

A brosch. Maybe the most controversal piece on this list (we are really outlaws here at Hobnob Journal) but that’s why its most important. A chic brosch will make any mountain look a bit more Sunday brunch and the bridge between mountain guide and brunch is the path we want to be on.

The après ski is equally important as the actual skiing in our ski club

I am wearing a faux fur by GANT, vintage sweater, Chanel jeans, and a faux shearling cowboy hat or the Hobnob Powder beanie.

As for the après ski and evenings I am keeping it casual. Just a large faux fur with a faux shearling cowboy hat.

Published 22/02/2023

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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