Eyes in Technicolor

This is a review of a state of mind, not a tutorial

Hey! What color are my eyes????? I know it’s hard to see due to the fact that I was pretty blinded by the flash.

But this ain’t about cameras, this is about eye color. Eye shadows in strong colors. I was recently very sure about that the only make up I’ll ever be wearing was tinted moisturizer, some brow gel and mascara. Why? I’ll tell you. I am a person with very low patiens. I get bored quite easy and when something doesn’t go as I wish I tend to get mad and fuck it up even more. Is this the psyke of a 5 year old? It might as well be.

But, with instagram being what it is, a platform for inspiration to try new things (RIGHT) I started seeing people doing bright bright colors in their make up. And the thing is, it didn’t even look hard?? I mean, it was just one color?? You don’t need a tutorial for one freaking color.

Color palette

Make up store

Color palette

Ofra Cosmetics

Color palette

BH Cosmetics

I’ve always wanted to be a lipstick girl. But I never will be, since it makes me so conscious, like DO I look like a clown now after this drink?

So I realized, this might be my make up thing. The one thing I can get away with that is outside my box of mascara and tinted moisturizer but still very fun (and cool if I may add) and requires zero pre-knowledge.

Photo: Maria Bernard

Photo: Selena Gomez

So, being a person who is really conscious about wearing stuff on my face, I started slow. For me, slow was pink. At first, I used my blush as eyeshadow, which was great. Super handy and HEY I already had it at home. I did a creme blush since I though it was just the easiest to use my fingers with. But then I put in a gear and got a palette of colors, that was when the fun began.

I quickly got favorites. Blue and green were such. I just found them to be so natural (interesting word to be used next to green and blue and make up, no?) on my face. I figured it was bc of my eyes, they are blue/green-ish.

And I thought a lot about it. Why are people so scared of wearing strong eyeshadow colors? Black might be one of the most common make up colors and it’s the darkest one on the planet?? So why would I need to feel so timorous about a little blue?

I made a promise to myself not to be. And to not wear my most colorful outfit to a strong color make up. That helped too.

For me, my make up routine is one of my strongest comfort zones when it comes to my appearance. I have no issues with wearing whatever, but then it comes to my face, it turns out I have very strong preferences. It was and still is, pretty great to get rid of them once it a while.

Published 06/06/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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