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This story will not contain one single fashion week reference or topic. I swear.

Published 18/09/2019
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I am Swedish. Have you met a lot of Swedes or are you a Swede? Then you know how much we love to talk about the weather. It’s just a freaking great topic since you never run out of things to talk about. It just changes every single moment. No one can take this away from us. What would California residences talk about? How it was sunny today, yesterday and the day before that? That it was quite windy too? No no. Swedish weather is like the mood of a peak puberty girl. It’s very exciting what’s about to happen next.

So last week, from 26 degrees Celsius everything dropped and left us with a new season, fall. Goodbye short summer dresses, sweet riddance time of going out and forgetting to put on a jacket. Maybe we’ll see you next May (but you know, you never know).

One can think one is prepared for this. Truth is you are not really. It’s always a bit worse than you remember.


I did wear a blazer over this cardigan. This is me serving my best look off the early 2000s menu. Cardigan, straight denim and square toe mules. Did enjoy this look. I think I am going for something similar today.

Just gotta say, the time between summer and November is the dressed outfit but open shoe season, and I appreciate it.

Cardigan, vintage
Jeans, Levi’s
Sunglasses, Prada
Mules, vintage


So I was sitting outside for a break moment before it got too cold. Gotta appreciate that too.

Also, say hi to my new bib! It’s like a present turtleneck that doesn’t get you all sweaty and you can wear it over your wool blazer instead of under it. Such a catch.

Bib, Arket
Blazer, vintage


On Saturday I went semi hiking. I’ll say semi because we all see that I am wearing a dress and the mountain isn’t that high. Anyways, I was in the forest walking in a knit dress, hiking boots and a puffer vest. Perfect early fall Saturday activity before wine lunch.

Dress, COS
Puffer vest, Uniqlo
Boots, Dorothee Schumacher


Knit, Samsoe Samsoe
Shorts, AV
Mules, Balenciaga
Hat, & Other stories

So come Monday (I only wore PJs on Sunday I am afraid) I risked it all and went for shorts. It wasn’t optimal but it was worth it.

That is also something about early fall. Sometimes you can get away with less pants if you prepare with some real heavy knits.

Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?)

It’s like my mind is always on vacation. I can never seem to remember the days anymore. But on Tuesday or Wednesday I wore a full vintage leather suit. This was also the day I realized my style icon for September: Ross Geller. I will get back to that one later because I have a lot to say about Ross and me.

Leather pants and blazer, vintage
Shoes, The Row


I think this puffer vest, along with some other vests, is gonna be my most used garment this fall. I know it’s only September but I can feel it. The vest along with the cargo pants, has had such a bag reputation these last years. I (and all the visitors of London Fashion Week if you trust Vogue) am ready for their comeback.

Knit, Stine Goya
Vest, Uniqlo
Leather pants, vintage
Sandals, Dear Frances


Again with the open shoes! This is my way to regulate my body temperature.

I am honestly quite happy about September being a fall month this year. I got this fluffy blazer from my boyfriend on my birthday in August and have been non-stop longing to wear it since. Finally it’s you and me fluffy blazer.

Blazer, Prada
Shirt, vintage
Jeans, Calvin Klein
Mules, Gucci

Published 18/09/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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