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Published 14/09/2021
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Having reached great success in the late 2000s and early 2010s, the Swedish fashion scene has been forced into the shadow by its incurably popular little sister Denmark. And although the Danes have been very generous sharing the spotlight, trying to point it at Scandinavia rather than Copenhagen alone, it can be hard to be compared to cult-declared Ganni all the time. 

Taking a break from fashion for a brief second, Sweden has always been at forefront when it comes to new innovations. Take Spotify and IKEA for example (and I will take every chance I get to talk about ABBA). Some say it’s something in the water but Swedes know that it has everything to do with the weather. Having the darkness and cold keep us inside 4 months every year gives you a lot of time to think, I’ll tell you that. 

The best dance is always the one you put on when no-one is watching and maybe the same goes for fashion. In the meantime as the world has been busy looking at the Danish part of Scandinavia, Sweden has been planning one hell of a dance show.


Image courtesy: Hodakova
Image courtesy: Hodakova

As Hodakova themselves states via their website “through the masses of produced material, we define a new era of sustainable fashion by deconstructing existing garments where transformation in the design becomes the focus of the product. And as we stand in the front of the change in how and what we consume. Both timelessness and sustainability is the new normal. We celebrate the future with looking back and rethink the tradition with clothes made by time”.

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Rave Review

Image courtesy: Rave Review
Image courtesy: Rave Review

Rave Review was founded by Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück in 2016 and launched their first collection at Paris Fashion Week the year after. Rave Reviews DNA is in turning home textiles into desirable garments. They produce and source in Europe alone. Rave Review has managed to create a fan base very quickly with their raw expression and direct message: the fashion industry need to change and do better, faster.

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Jade Cropper

Image courtesy: Jade Cropper

“Jade Cropper explores the idea of imperfection as well as her grandmother’s love for eccentric feminine style. Challenging conventional notions of female beauty and celebrate the poetic elegance in between the skin and the garment. Jade Croppers mission is to steer away from fast fashion and focusing on her designs to be inclusive and sustainable”

All Jade Cropper’s collections are defined by her love for deconstruction and reimagining classic garments, something that has given her admirers all over the world, perhaps the most infamous being Kim Kardashian West who is a client of Jade’s.

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Image courtesy: Matilda Lahall
Image courtesy: Matilda Lahall

Emma Wåhlin graduated from prestigious Swedish fashion school Beckman’s in 2019 but launching her first independent collection this fall. Elvyw striving for sustainability and one of the most exciting materials she has used for her first collection is a leather made out of waste from apple juice production. The collection breathes edge with her raw combinations of tailored silhouettes and playful details.

Iggy Jeans

Image courtesy: Iggy Jeans
Image courtesy: Iggy Jeans

Ingrid Berg aka Iggy launched her denim brand when she was only 15 years old. Her work with turning dead denim into art has already made her a familiar names within the industry.

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Published 14/09/2021

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